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Things for My Wall

Could do in any color to match a room. Love this! @ DIY Home Design

clothesline picture frames, easily change out pictures

Pretty Birds Branch Wall Decal

Pretty Birds Branch Wall Decal

Wall Decal - white tree branch decal with birds - Wall Art Decor. $69.00, via Etsy.

Birds in a Tree Wall Decals - 9 pc. Set. I could attach to canvas and make them like art pieces instead of decals.

9 Piece Birds in a Tree Wall Decal Set

Pallet Wall Project - info on prepping & hanging pallet wood.

DIY Pallet Wall Instructions | Pallet Furniture DIY

Genius...Lay out your gallery arrangement. Flip frames over. Mark hanger/nail spot on several pieces of wax paper taped together. Flip waxed paper over, tape to wall, nail into wall where indicated. Remove waxed paper. Hang photos.

This is cool! Print out a font you love, trace it on a canvas, and then pin thumb tacks.

Curtain rod to hang decorative items; could use this and switch out decorations for the different holidays/seasons.

Wrap fabric around those cheap frames to make them cute and fun... Why don't I ever think of things like this?

Bloom and Inspire: Oh Instagram photos, what shall I do with you?

Make 12x12 photo canvases for $5 a piece

Turn basic photo frames into wall art by connecting frames with hardware called mending plates.