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Uses for milk crates

Nine Uses and a Craft Project for Milk Crates

milk crate stool and toy holder -- love this bc it can be easily seen through for when you are missing that favorite toy -- plus it is at there level to sit on and the clothe that is used on top can be picked out by the child at the craft store or you can use what you have laying around; plus think of it you can dress it up as much as you want of leave it as kid-friendly as you want too... love it! I gotta add plastic milk crates to my "FIND" list!

  • Amy Brobst

    Try your local dairy distributor or creamery.

  • Rhonda Dowdy

    Thanks Amy! Shortly after I posted this I was given 30 plastic milk free!

Milk crate arunca naveta de plastic

DIY emergency (or camping) toilet. Toilet seat on cut-away milk crate, five gallon bucket, and old table legs (or scrap wood) held on with plastic zip ties. Can cover the waste with sawdust and dump when full. Article says compost should be hot temperatures for a year to be safe. Author was in CA. Not sure how that works for those of us who have colder temps and snow.

Homemade Greenhouse Materials: Egg cartons Milk crates Plastic sheeting Grass string Dirt Vegetable or flower seeds of your choice!

Successfully Spray Painting Milk Crates! Now I can use the ones i have been collecting in my garage for something fun!

And just like that, BAM, completely obsessed with milk crates and all the various shapes and sizes that those little plastic bins come in.

Kid's Bed! Old milk crates (12 total) painted with plastic bonding paint, grip shelf liner, ply board, and futon mattress. Easy bed with built in storage!

THE CHAIR PEOPLE COLLECTIVE "12 Break Point Chair" Milk Crate, Salvaged Aluminium Tennis Racquet, Woven Plastic Bags, Tape, Plastic Bag Cushion, Duct Tape (2011) 1% - $112,000 99% - $99

How to Build a Nomadic Farming Container: The open source wisdom on the topic suggests that the ubiquitous milk crate is the best container to use. These crates are inexpensive, lightweight, easily moved (they have handles), stackable, and allow drainage/aeration. They are also easy to convert into a planter by simply lining them with landscape fabric (ten dollars of fabric + sewing can convert 24 crates into planters) or (in a pinch) a plastic bag with holes.

one - Milk Crate ?? one - 1 1/2 inch x 10 feet PVC pipe $4.29 four -90 degree elbow $0.56 each four -T-connector $1.29 each one - 1/2 inch aluminum bar $3.98 two - washer $0.09 two - Cotter pin $0.56 two - 13 1/2 inch plastic wheel $4.00 (or 12 inch with bearing $9.95 each) one - Strap ?? Total $24.97 (Aug 2007) The wheels are from Northern Tools

How to spray paint milk crates for unique storage possibilities

milk crates and a recycled toy shelf with plastic totes

Chicken setting boxes....

Teacher Tom: "There are all kinds of things to tinker with, like these tubes and fasteners. In the spirit of Tom Sensori's divider and window concept, I like to use plastic milk crates and large funnels made from the tops of 2-liter soda bottles to give the set up some more vertical dimension."

Make fabric covers for plastic milk crates...ha ha, I have a ton of these!

from plastic milk crates no less! Not in the same league as my beloved pallets or wine crates, but i think this looks really good :)

plastic milk crates + burlap coffee sacs = cute garden!

Root Crop Storage Bin- root veggies like carrots and beets will stay fresh all winter, just fill with layers of damp sand or sawdust, alternating with layers of carrots or beets, and put in a cool, dark place. Potatoes, turnips and squash can go right in the bin without sand. This is the site for buying one, but I think it can easily be made from a plastic milk crate and burlap.