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American Revolution

My newest book for kids about the beginning of the American Revolution! The Redcoats are Coming, part of the Imagination Station series.

How to Shoe a Horse on youtube. He actually puts on the shoe about minute 4:45.

horse losing shoe in mud

Gage targets Concord after spies discover stored weapons

National Heritage Museum gunpowder under pulpit

Concord events and Battle of Concord engraved by Amos Doolittle in 1775

6.5 miles from Buckman Tavern to Concord, MA - Google Maps

Original Ballads and letters from Privateers in the Am Rev

privateers Image: Two frigates engaged in sea battle. (National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center Commissioned Art Collection; artist Thomas Freeman)

Fun site for kids. Meet Your Shipmates: Discover the lives of your men who served aboard the USS Constitution.

Excellent description of getting ready for battle at sea during the Am. Rev

Glossary of nautical terms - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

privateer ship during Revolutionary War

James Forten and the Royal Louis