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Africa | Door from the Baule people of Ivory Coast | Wood, metal and fiber | Late 19th to early 20th century

French long wooden spoon & ladle

A RARE CARVED WOOD DOOR PANEL, SPAIN OR MOROCCO, LATE 15TH- 16TH CENTURY of rectangular form, comprising of pinewood sections decorated with an intricate geometric pattern composed of two large sixteen-pointed stars, interstices filled with smaller stars and polygons, reverse side decorated with one half of a monumental shamsa with geometric rays radiating further smaller half shamsas, with further interlocking polygons and stars, traces of colour pigment, mounted on iron display stand

Antique Japanese Happiness Box – Wooden Fuku Masu

Large Antique Primitive Carved Wooden Water Dipper, 19th Century Country Ladle.Here's a beautiful, extra large, antique water dipper up for bids without reserve! It dates back to the 19th Century and was carved from a single piece of wood. The patina is old and undisturbed, we have not refinished this early piece. It still has plenty of visible carving detail along with rich, warm coloring and nice graining.sold 60.00

Door from the Baule people of Ivory Coast 19th - 20th century

Early 20th century red cedar couscous platters -- Berber, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, circa 1900 - 1930.

Africa | Granary door from the Berber people. High Atlas region, Morocco | Early 20th century | Wood

Antique Wood Elf Shoe Snuff Box Treenware

Three running hares, early to mid-19th century Dutch cookie board