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15 Summer Cabin Escapes


The Inn Place by Kevin McGuckin Concrete domes are strong, highly resistant to damage by earthquake, lightning, hurricane, and wind. FEMA rates this type of construction as ‘near-absolute protection’ from F5 tornadoes and Category 5 Hurricanes.

Shipping Container Homes: High Country Green Boxes, DwellBox - Boone, North Carolina, - 5 Shipping Container Home

Tiny House In The Wilderness | Tiny House Swoon

Tea and Scone Shop, Yorkshire

The (finnicky) Stone House | Portland, Oregon growth's place. they coexist. cohabit. cohabitate? co habituate? any way, growth and decay live together. in the same place. coexist. maybe it's the same place. maybe it just looks different to each of them. maybe it's separated, separate, and only comes together when they do.

Grass Roof Home, Norway

Mount Crested Butte Residence by Robert Oshatz