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"An average of 20 volcanos are erupting on the planet in any moment. There are 1500 known active volcanoes--not counting the vast unknown number of volcanoes underwater. Recently it's been discovered that there are volcanoes buried underneath the states of Michigan and Ohio in the U.S.--long thought to be geologically stable. Volcanoes continuously re-landscape the surface of Earth and reshape the processes and patterns of all life forms." Quoted from Jeffrey Joe Miller

Croscat Volcano, Garrotxa Catalonia, Spain. Last erupted about 12,000 BC. There are four volcanoes in this area

Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa Territory

Merger of two islands due to volcano, about 620-mi S of Tokyo

Pacific island swallows nearby island

Nine mo. after a new island broke through the surface of the W Pa-cific Ocean, the volcanic eruption at Nishino-shima continues. The tiny new volcanic island (Niijima in Japanese) merged into Nishino-shima last winter & continued to grow. Steady flows of lava are enlarging the merged island, which is now 0.54 sq mi. 8/21/2014

Still Huffing and Puffing : Image of the Day

Volcanic eruption in Holuhraun, N of Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland Sept/2014. Stórfenglegt eldgos - Myndasyrpa frá Holuhrauni

Vísir - Stórfenglegt eldgos - Myndasyrpa frá Holuhrauni

Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava Field. By some accounts, Holuhraun has spewed more lava than any Icelandic volcano since the 19th century. As of 9/09/2014, the new lava flow was 10-mi long & covered about 8-sq-mi, according to the Univ. of Iceland

Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava Field : Image of the Day

Mt Garibaldi, 8786', last eruption: 8051 BC: a potentially active stratovolcano in the Sea to Sky Country of British Colombia, about 50 mi N of Vancouver, Can.

"Waw an Namus" or "Crater of Mosquitoes" A volcanic field/ cone/ caldera/ in Libya. It is in the near-geographic center of the Sahara Desert. The inside of the caldera houses an oasis of rich foliage & 3 small salt lakes of variable color. A volcanic field of dark basaltic tephra flow extends 6.2-12.4 mi around the caldera. The dark field's vast size allows it to be easily seen from space

Waw an Namus: the inside of the caldera houses an oasis of rich foliage & 3 small salt lakes of variable color

Waw an Namus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: - PixoHub

8/29/2014: Mt Tavurvur erupting in eastern Papua New Guinea, spewing rocks/ ash into the air, forcing the evacuation of local communities & international flights to be rerouted. Joyce Lessimanuaja--APF / Getty Images

Volcano Erupts in Papua New Guinea, Diverting Flights

Lava dome. Lava domes, such as this example in the crater of Mount St. Helens, are piles of viscous lava that are too cool and sticky to flow far. Domes grow and collapse in cycles, and often form at volcanoes that also experience Plinian eruptions. Photo by Lyn Topinka, USGS, August 12, 1985.

Lake Meke, Turkey, a crater lake formed by a volcanic explosion.

Volcanoes - Important information about them condensed into this great picture

Volcanoes | Latest Infographic

Merapi, Java, Indonesia. The 9613' high Merapi volcano is very active. What makes the stratovolcano so dangerous is the plug of hot rock slowly pushing out of its vent, cre-ating a lava dome. Pieces of rock break off of it & crash down the flanks. Every few years the dome collapses. Then clouds of ash shoot out of the crater & pyroclastic flows charge down the slopes

Bernhard Edmaier: Startseite

Volcanic crater lake, Kuril Islands, Russia (© Michael S. Yamashita/ Corbis)

Around the globe: Destinations along the 45th parallel north

The Bainbridge Rocks are a group of small rocky islets off the SE coast of Santiago Island, in Galápagos Archipelago. One of these islets is a volcanic crater, composed of compacted volcanic ash. Sea water has permeated the walls of this eroded crater, forming a stunning turquoise colored salt-water lake that attracts large flocks of flamingoes

Bainbridge Rocks of Galapagos Islands | Amusing Planet