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When a cucumber is taken from the vine let it be cut with a knife, leaving about an eighth of an inch of the cucumber on the stem, then slit the stem with the knife from its end to the vine leaving a small portion of the cucumber on each division and on each separate slip there will be a new cucumber as large as the first.

When a cucumber is taken from the vine let it be... — Gardening

Peanut seeds - grow your own peanuts this great article from GrowVeg shows you how...

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Want to save money on seeds next year? Save your veggie seeds! This article tells you how to save the most commonly planted seeds.

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Place one uncracked raw egg in the pot on top of a few inches of soil - as it decomposes, it will serve as a natural fertilizer. Use this tip for container vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes. Eggs are filled with important nutrients that your veggie plants need to thrive!

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Ferns and Oxalis are made for each other, being perfectly suited for identical site conditions and having complementary texture, height color. Any fern with any Oxalis will make a pleasing combination, guaranteed.

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Very smart! Rinse veggies right in the garden and then re-use the water on the plants. Plastic bucket and small laundry basket/colander from Dollar Tree would do nicely.

Enter your zip code & this calendar will tell you what to plant and when to plant it, week-by-week. Where has this been all my life... Or this past 4 months :)