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Nanette Corn

Nanette Corn

I like playing games, Basically I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, goIng to cultural events.

bunks in the closet, leaves the rest of the room as a play area. This is a GREAT idea! for-the-boys

love the hair locks-and-tresses

This is adorable! cutie-patooties

Ford Rally Car automotive-goodness-other-motorized-mayhem

Halloween hatchlings #halloween #diy #crafts spooky-spooky

Hot Cocoa Stirrers holiday-ideas

lion king wisdom life-is-hard-and-then-we-die

Guide to Foreign Japanese Kitchen by Mo Takemura print

no top coat), dip your paint brush in acetone, wipe the excess off because you dont want to drown the nail in acetone! Using soft strokes, brush UP towards the top of your nail. Repeat this st inspiration-nails

This is our go-to for a one pot dish... Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta. Not too spicy but definitely full of flavor and SO GOOD! Its been called one of the best recipes on pinterest!! easy-meals-for-busy-folks

modest mouse is modest hilarious-stuff

Boy Meets World my-childhood

7667 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA, circa 1960 photography

Storms/Tornados weather-natural-disasters

Disney! :) wedding-inspiration

I know this isn't a "quote" but come on... the-office-quotes

Vintage boxes xo--FleaingFrance vintage-vintage-vintage

Backyard movie party adult-parties

Cute workout clothes get-your-move-on

Hadley will have this kids

Bahahaha @molliefitz @Laura Radcliffe belly-laughter-is-the-best

buy an extra fitted sheet instead of a bedskirt; I love this, since our bed is taller, bedskirts always look like highwaters. :) (this site has tons of other tips for around the house too!) for-the-home