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Diaper & Other item storage I think I am going to use this idea in 2 places, one place is downstairs on bathroom door for extra baby stuff, one upstairs for the big girls school clothing! :)

Fun bubble wrap print. Great for lessons about nutrition.

Bubble Wrap Grapes - No Time For Flash Cards

Awesome Easter Egg Firefly Bug craft to do with the kids! Great for a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt or summer fun! You can also use a small glow stick for the light inside.

Firefly Light-Up Bug Craft

BrightNest | For Kids: Make a Unique Piggy Bank out of a Plastic Bottle #DIY

StampersBest mason jar free digi Free Digis

Handprint crayon boxes- perfect for the crayon box song

Dollar store photo albums… Turn them into flashcard fun! Easy to write and wipe, just insert what you are working on. You could even just insert white paper and have them work on writing sight words, so many ways to use them! So smart!


Footprint American Flag Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz

Thank you to Anne Zachry of the Pediatric Occupational Therapist for this fantastic idea! As a therapist, I frequently work with children on bilateral upper extremity skills. It’s important for a child to learn to stabilize an object or container while performing an activity with the opposite hand. This is a simple, inexpensive activity that addresses bilateral skills and visual perception. When the child is required to copy a pattern, this addresses design copy and color ...

Roll a Snowman

Nicole and Eliceo

Roll-a-Snowman game (with printable.)

Come Together Kids: Roll-A-Snowman game (with printable)

No-sew classroom door curtain - dowel rod, velcro, ribbons, command hooks and fabric!

Quiet Critters - when you decide it's important for students to be quiet, pass out the quiet critters. Take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use. I wonder if these would work in my classroom...

Teaching Chick: Monday Made It #3!

pop bottle turtle | Soda bottle turtle banks! Very cute!!! | Art and Crafts for Kids

Glow Stick necklaces for Meet the Teacher night "your future is bright!"

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Where I Teach Wednesday

How to Create Busy Boxes for #Kids - Perfect for #summer

How CUTE! Ballerina hand print craft

10 Kids’ Handprint and Footprint Crafts