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Ship Models

Ships models are a fun addition to any nautical theme or just as a way to spruce up a well-used area like a mudroom. They offer instant character and are easy to setup; all you need is a shelf or small bit of top dresser space. They are fun for all ages offering timeless delight and classical charm.

Model of sailing canoe from the Solomon Islands

Sailing model boats in Central Park

In Good Taste: Andrew Skurman Architects

In Good Taste: Andrew Skurman - Design Chic

Catboat Sailboat Model is 18" tall, 14" long and 6" wide. Made of wood, with a canvas sail that you can reposition

Wooden Model Ship | Sailboat Model | Canvas Sail with Wooden Model Ship | Blue and White Sailboat

Wooden Model Ship |Blue & White Lobster Boat |

California bungalow designed by Krista Ewart. A boat model, shells, and coral reflect seaside life.

Large Endeavor Model Ship replica of the Endeavour is 44" tall, 36" long, and 6" wide. Made of wood, with multiple canvas sails

Large Bermuda ship model It measures 47" tall, 48" long, and 8.5" wide. It weighs just 9 lbs. Made of wood, with multiple canvas sails

Sanson Tuge Boat measures 11" tall, 13" long and 3" wide. It weighs just 2 lbs

Two Sailboat Models in front of windows

Decorating With Sailboat Models