MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Tent & Gear Shed. Lots of space for 2 and less than 3 lbs. each!

MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Tent & Gear Shed - 2013 Closeout

The Cave from German company Heimplanet

The Tent of the Future

Gear Guide: 3 New Backpacks

Gear Guide: 3 New Backpacks

Camping french press, yes please!

REI Table Top French Coffee Press - 32 fl. oz.

It's a backpack, cooler and a chair! This is the ultimate #camping gear.

Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove

Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove - $350

This new camp stove from BioLite cooks meals and converts the fire's heat into electricity to charge phones or LED lights via USB.

Magnesium Fire Starter | Camping Gear - Discover more

Well this would be awesome for camping!

Collapsable hatchet. Cool camping gear.

This is too cool! A campfire fishing rod for cooking. I want one!

Solar-powered water bottle doubles as flashlight. This is awesome!

Perfect for camping on cold nights!

Napier Pink Tent! Win one in October...visit our Facebook page for details! Contest to run from October 3-31!

Hiker's delight= Back Pack , a Chair and a Walking Stick. Super cool camping gadget.


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