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Death & Destruction

ART STUDIES FROM WEST OF ZANZIBAR, 1928 BY WILLIAM MORTENSEN. Mortensen worked closely with Lon Chaney and created the masks used by him during production and seen here.

Due to high sulfur levels, inhabitants of the Izu Islands had to wear gas masks to survive. What results? Some of the scariest wedding photos ever. i want my wedding to look this badass/scary

However painful it may be for us delicate souls, and however intractable the Congo’s ills may appear, and however drained of compassion we may feel in the face of Darfur and other hells, we must never turn away our gaze. Indeed, we have a moral duty to look, which is what these images are telling us. To observe pain only through the prisms of the boardroom and the computer screen is to sever the vital artery between compassion and action. The continuing human tragedy of Congo is not a sta...

Some of the bodies being removed by German civilians for decent burial at Gusen Concentration Camp, Muhlhausen, near Linz, Austria. Men were worked in nearby stone quarries until too weak for more, then killed. May 12, 1945. Sam Gilbert. (Army)

Survivors of the Dachau concentration camp demonstrate the operation of the crematorium by dragging a corpse toward one of the ovens. Dachau, Germany, April 29-May 10, 1945.

Anencephaly c.1890’s.The rostral end of the neural tube fails to close resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain,skull+scalp.Strictly speaking,the translation of the Greek term to English is "no brain".Children w/ this disorder are born w/o a forebrain,the largest part of the brain consisting mainly of the cerebral hemispheres,including the neocortex which is responsible for higher-level cognition.The remaining brain tissue is often exposed.Most babies w/this disorder dont survive

A forest of corpses confronts a man at Bergen-Belsen. British troops who liberated the camp on April 15, 1945 found 60,000 men, women and children dead and dying of starvation and disease. That number - 60,000 - is 1/100th of the total number of human beings slaughtered by the Third Reich.

The bodies of three dead American soldiers in the sand on the shore of Buna Beach, New Guinea, after a Japanese attack. 1943.

Book Of Shadows.... Mortar and Pestle... various herbs, potions and fungi... Looks like it's gonna be a fun night!

German postcards from a 1930s traveling exhibit of a life-sized human figure made of glass to show his organs.

bayer, heroína

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