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How to Remove Set In Oil Stains from Clothes

How to Remove Set In Oil Stains from Clothes

Best way I have found to remove labels from jars and bottles! Love this! #tips #upcycle

How To Easily Remove Labels - That's What {Che} Said...

Anti-Nausea Acupressure is comprised of putting pressure in specific points on the body to relieve some symptoms causing discomfort or feelings of being ill, like nausea. You can use a nausea band, or just apply the pressure yourself. It is thought that utilizing pressure points in your body will release neurotransmitters, like serotonin or endorphins.

14 Soothing Remedies for Nausea & Morning Sickness

17 Awesome Money-Saving Apps--17 great apps for earning rewards, saving on (almost) everything, and organizing your finances!

17 Awesome Money Saving Apps - Living Well Spending Less™

The Effects Of Training In The Dog’s Brain - Your dog becomes physically addicted to listening to you!

The Eight Position Bed Lounger.

The Eight Position Bed Lounger - Hammacher Schlemmer

This is the holy grail of stain removal! 200+ STAIN FIXES from University of Illinois Extension. Pin now for future stain emergencies!

Stain Solutions | U of I Extension

Fastest way to cure a headache…

Fastest way to cure a headache…

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play

32 Fun DIY Backyard Games To Play (for kids & adults!)

More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (39 photos) - stuff-i-want-1

stuff-i-want-1 : theBERRY

Cool planner/to do list idea. Plan your day around the clock.

Watch Diary by Wonjune Song » Yanko Design

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You

I think Walter Bishop's head just exploded. LOL. #Fringe

I know some people who need one of these. That way I don't have to hear them talk or watch them sputter.

Love this! Take your kids to pick out lots of your mothers favorite things and put them in a big pretty jar. Shell have special treats for weeks to come and you can customize however you wish! #SharetheDOVE

glow in the dark toilet paper- that is pretty cool! No more struggling to find the TP in the dark :)

Amazing packing tips and tricks! Stuff you'd never think to do!

Seriously? 1Tbsp of iodine 2% 1Cup of baby oil Rub your hairy area with the mixture and let set for only 5 minutes. Then gently wipe away with a damp cloth. Viola!!!! NO MORE HAIR!