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Behavior Management

Heidisongs Resource: Middle Sound Cups- and How to Teach Kids to Find the Middle Sound of a Word

Anti-Bullying Books for the Classroom ~ Free compilation with a bit of info about each book.

PictureSET: Social stories. Great website for social stories and pec strips

Avoid power struggles ~ Learn how to intervene and establish helpful protocol/procedures. (Blog post from A Peach for the Teach.)

FREE ANTI-BULLYING LESSON PLANS~ This four-day lesson plan can be implemented with very little preparation. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes and centers on class discussions of various free-access, online videos with anti-bullying themes.

Are+you+in+a+7+Habits/Leader+in+Me+School?+ These+posters+illustrate+each+of+the+7+habits+found+in+Sean+Covey's+7+Habits+of+Happy+Kids.+ For+...

Behaviour Management tips + Rule posters freebie from the Sea of Knowledge! :)

FREE+Clip+Chart+Behavior+Management+System+-+Cute+Chevrons This+is+my+version+of+the+Oh-So-Popular+“Clip+Chart+Behavior+Management+System”+to+matc...

Are you trying to help your students use strong vocabulary to describe feelings? This Feelings A-Z poster will help improve the quality of your student's responses whether they are discussing their own feelings, the feelings of characters in books they are reading, or feelings of characters in the stories they are writing. Posters can be hung on classroom walls, projected onto SMARTboard, displayed in writing centers, or used as individual word walls in students folders.

Classroom Management {Freebies} This is a positive word chart. The teacher can show the students where they scale on the chart. The positive reinforcements motivate students to show good behavior. As the students lose control there is a "slow down" that can give a warning. The teacher can have incentives if the students show behavior that keeps them toward the top of the list. 7090

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Classroom Management {Freebies}

AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH SPANISH Help students take ownership of the classroom rules this year with these "6 Simple Rules" designed with simple i...