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DIY Boho Lamps - LOVE these. :-)

D.I.Y. :::Boho Lanterns:::

The Hunger Games custom embroidered Toms! I thought of you @Lexi Cavanaugh, there's lots of other styles to pick from too :)

Step 1: Paint your nails white, clear or very pale color. Let them dry. Step 2: Cut thin strips of newspaper roughly the size of your nails. Step 3: Dip your nails or the strip of newspaper in isopropyl alcohol, also called rubbing alcohol. Vodka also works, but that just seems like a waste. Experiment to figure out which way works best for you. Step 4: Press the strip of newsprint on your nail, hold it there for about 15 seconds. Again, experiment, You might need up to 30 seconds, or you might only need 5. Step 5: Apply a Top Coat to lock it in place. Ta-dah! You’re all done!