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Follow this step-by-step tutorial to craft your own birthday banner out of confetti-filled balloons.

How to Make a Birthday Banner

Diamonds made out of straw and string are the prettiest, easiest party decoration. | The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

52 Quick And Easy DIYs That Actually Take Less Than An Hour

Turn IKEA furniture into fabulous pieces! Ikea dresser is awesome!! I used paint from Ace Hardware called “Coffee Clutch”. I chose eggshell, but If I did it over again, I would choose glossy. It’s less shiny in real life than in the pic. Before painting, I sanded lightly to rough up the surface. After that I used a spray-on primer. I did two coats of paint. Pretty easy, really.

25 Ikea Hacks {DIY Home Decor} -

Could do something like this with metal on top? / Easy DIY Wood + Iron Table // 5 Home Depot Hacks

Make a bear from a sweater - shouldn't take too long and may be a gift for life. The template here can most likely be blown up for bigger bears. For wee kids, maybe embroider on the nose, as well. #gifts #kids #baby #nursery #make #diy #kids

DIY Altoid Tin Survival Kit by fieldandstream _Kit DIY

Make your own ombré pinecones with this tutorial.

Customised Map Letters (on the cheap!)

YES!!!!! this is so freaking awesome!!!! Happy Christmas!