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Fill a pool with balloons!

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas | Glow in the dark bowling using glow sticks and water bottles.

20 Cool Glow Stick Ideas For Kids and Parties (With Pictures)

Twitter / LifeCheating: Homemade drinking game: ...

Twitter / LifeCheating: Homemade drinking game: ...

How to travel on a budget

How I Flew Around the World in Business Class for $1,340

Free things to do in LA


Bucket List || Camp out on a beach

See Heaven's Trail in Ireland

go to coachella

This is Claire Davis. During the Arapahoe High School shooting she was shot in the head and is in a coma now. She is in critical condition and her favorite band is One Direction. We are trying to convince them to come to Colorado and do a concert for her. Spread the news to them with #Get1DtoClaire please help. :)

Already done, but didn't have anywhere else to put it

reasons to love being alive.

Doing this for 2013!!

Jen-A-Fusion Fashion Accessories

Underwater roller coaster in Japan!

10 Coolest Roller Coasters