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Graciela Iturbide (b.1942 Mexico). S)

Useful for Setting Up Social Media Pages

Stairway to heaven Italian Vogue

Dennis Calvert :: Light Painting

A graphic showing how to tether a dslr and an ipad

500px / Photo White Breeze by Amanda Diaz

Using a slow shutter speed combined with a powerful flash, Satoki Nagata captured a series of abstract black-and-white portraits in Chicago’s frigid winter. Doesn’t the illuminated snow contrast in such an awesome way with the dark human shapes?

Harsh flash be gone! Consider it donzo, with a little help from The Deluxe Pop-Up Flash Bounce. This gizmo uses mirrors (and just a bit of magic) to bounce your DSLR’s overly eager flash off of a nearby ceiling or wall, creating softer more even light.

Simple DIY Photo Light Box, it makes a huge difference when you take pictures of anything.

3 Ways To Price and Package Your Wedding Photography To Stay In Business

Resolution - Print Size Chart The numbers on the chart stand for dots per inch (dpi) they say the human eye does not see much beyond 96 dpi, that should give you a good example of what will work to make a good quality print.