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Ikea Hacker - Decora tu mesa lack

Negative calories because they burn more calories during digestion than they have in them. awesome.

Room with a view (and a deck) at Ian Schrager's new London Edition hotel.

Things To Do in East London: including restaurant recommendations, favorite food trucks, tours and shopping streets #london #visitlondon

60 Unbelievably inspiring small bedroom design ideas

All your treasures and deco nicely arranged in one place, keeping the rest spacious and clutterfree. But not 'hotel clean', please do show your taste and personality in your house!

Funny s*** I found today.

  • Abel Mueller

    lets improve the story a bit what do think.....the monkeys are actually controlled by hitlers grandson ,Nazi-monkeys whos weakness is marshmallows, the ostriches only eat marsmallows I lead the ostriches in a glorious battle against the sea monkeys.....your turn

  • Michelle Nicole

    I'm going to finally jump in here on my own pin to just say that I love what this comment section has become!

  • Abel Mueller


  • Domo Velasco

    I had a dream where I was taken by a tornado at church and became That's so Raven little cousin who was also physic..

  • Nada Jabbouri

    I had a dream(just last night) that Lindsay Lohan came to my school and I said hey I know you! And she just kept on walking so I devised a plan that over the next several weeks I would come to school (my school has a dress code that's kinda strict, I can't wear anything with designs on them or patterns or words) and I would wear these shorts that I Have in real life that have mean girls quotes on them so I would gain her trust and she would like me, then as I walked through my school, I was suddenly in a classroom in which there was a large blanket fort where Beyoncé was preforming and my friends were all like "BEYONCÉ YAYAYYAYA" and they were all in her performance as like Background dancers and they all had these little crown things on and when the performance was over I was all like "hey guys that was awesome!" And stuff. But they ignored me and I tried to et Beyoncé to acknowledge my presence and all she did was ignore me and so did all my friends then as I was following them out of the fort I woke up

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♥ Coffee - the prettiest flower design I've seen