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preschool missions

Learning to live a missional lifestyle begins early in childhood. Click on each photo to learn more on how to teach your preschooler about missions.

Lorna Bius looks for ways to help those in need. Sometimes she drives people to the grocery store and to the doctor's office. Make this cardboard box and use it as a resource to discuss other ways you could help someone in need.

Encourage preschoolers to create impermanent nature art with items found on a nature walk. (Credit: The Chocolate Muffin Tree)

Joye Smith shares practical ways that we can teach preschoolers about God and His love.

This book's reassuring message will give leaders and parents of preschoolers an avenue to discuss how God cares for us when we are afraid.

Learn how Joye Smith involves preschoolers in Helping Others activities, and how these activities benefit preschoolers. - Chatter Box Blog

Create this cute classroom tent and talk to preschoolers about what it would be like to live in a tent and what items they would need--like pillows for furniture.

Allow your preschoolers to explore the treasures in the sand! This sensory bin will let them use more than their sense of sight and make discoveries. We recommend using Epsom salt or clean play sand.

Preschoolers will love using their hands to create shapes and designs. We recommend using clean play sand instead of real salt.

This tabletop soccer game is a fun activity for preschoolers. Talk with them about how children in the Middle East like to play soccer, too!

A colored sand collage will let preschoolers engage in their creativity as they make and discover patterns with every stream of sand they shake! From

Social Bullying: Robin McCall shares steps you can take to help preschoolers develop the values needed to prevent social bullying.

In the Chatter Box blog, Joye Smith discusses ways to teach preschoolers about the blessings and responsibilities of being part of a family.

DIY Mexican Folk Art Bowls with Permanent Markers - Inspired by Familia. For preschoolers, you can simply use sturdy white paper bowls!

Joye Smith shares instructions for simple, handmade items that your preschoolers will love!

Child-sized flip flops make great summertime invitations for your Mission Friends class.

Tissue Paper Flowers are a popular craft in Mexico, and they are super easy to make!

Use these activities to help foster growth and development in preschoolers from the large muscles of the arms to the fine muscles of the fingers.

This counting book activity is found in First Steps in Missions, vol. 19.

Preschoolers do not have an understanding of the finality of death, so it is difficult for them to comprehend the meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection. In the Chatter Box blog, Joye Smith gives eight suggestions for talking about Easter with preschoolers.

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