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Lubny, Ukraine, A Jewish Woman Sitting With Her Children Before Their Execution Photographs Film and Photo Archive, Yad Vashem All rights reserved

DNA confirmed this mummy is both the mother of King Tut and the sister of Tut's father Akhenaten. Her name is unknown.

King Tutankhamun's incestuous family revealed | Mail Online

Remains: #Skeletons of pregnant woman and her fetus.

*CHILDREN COFFIN's ~ from Tutankhamun´s grave by The Adventurous Eye

Flickriver: The Adventurous Eye's photos tagged with tutankhamun

Scientists have for the first time - with the help of DNA - been able to identify this skull as belonging to King Tut's father Akhenaten. He and Tutankhamun's mother (whose name is unknown, although her mummy has now been identified) were brother & sister.

King Tutankhamun's incestuous family revealed | Mail Online

Tutankhamun’s Children? A scientific project to study two mummified fetuses found in Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 has started. It is thought that the tiny bodies may be those of the young king’s stillborn children. A CT scan was made and samples were taken in order to carry out DNA tests to find out more about the family of king Tutankhamun, particularly his parents. The DNA test and the CT scan may also help to identify the fetuses’ mother.

Women and children crouch in a muddy canal as they take cover from intense Viet Cong fire at Bao Trai, about 20 miles west of Saigon on Jan. 1, 1966

Motherless migrant children in the cotton fields-1935, Dorothea Lange

The Reel Foto: Dorothea Lange: Inspiration in Depression

POVERTY - Udong, Cambodia. (Street children are a common feature of life in too many places in the world.)

washing feet Mother washing children’s feet in a sharecropper’s shack in Missouri (1938)

Man feeding soup to a child during the hongerwinter (Holland, 1944/45)

1939. The Immortal Baby Experiment. A secretive cult known as the Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians began an experiment to raise an immortal baby. The child would never hear any mention of death, nor any unkind words, and would eat an all-vegetarian "eternity diet." A year later the experiment was abandoned. (But the child, now a grown woman, is reportedly still alive.)

Jean Gauntt, the Immortal Baby, 1939

Children of the Lebensborn program, a eugenics project that took "genetically appropriate" children from occupied countries to be raised together as Nazi leaders.


Unnamed - Pixdaus

"A little girl trying to defend her mother after she has been stoned to death . Sadly she is too late" I didn't want to re-post this. It hurts me to look at as a photo. I feel impotent. I want to help her. To save her. I can't. I want to hold her little girl and comfort her. I want to hurt the people that did this to her....I can't. It's a photo. I'm not there. But - it CAN tell a story. THIS is sharia. THIS is the face of islam. It's not the exception - it's the rule. It has NO place here.

Two well-dressed women wearing Jewish stars pose holding umbrellas. Pictured on the right is Simone (Grynberg) Finifter. The photo, which is inscribed to her daughter, Rachel, reads: "Your mother, who suffers a lot."

The last seconds - horrific and haunting holocaust photo - never forget

gordi's backup docs/pics to antisem-holo-jew issues

Circa 1930. "Edgar Allan Poe's mother's house. Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia

The Telltale Door: 1931

Holocaust Museum, Israel. This "Hall of Names" provides the names and some photos of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust of WWII. Sad, chilling, incredible.

Baby grave trees, Tana Toraja, Indonesia. The smallest of the Toraja burial grounds are the “Baby Trees” where the tribe’s young are placed. If a child dies before he has started teething, its mother wraps his body in cloth, makes a another hole in the Baby Tree and places the dead infant inside. The hole is then sealed and as the tree begins to heal, the child is believed to be absorbed.

Mourning jewelry containing a finger bone from the deceased...