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Custom Motorcycle

Custom Motorcycle - Photo Gallery (BP)

1972 International Scouts, one a 4x4 with the top removed (foreground) and the other a standard model.

23 Brilliant Vintage Porsche Ads

23 Brilliant Vintage Porsche Ads


Day 2 of the Mille Miglia.


1974 Datsun 260.

P1 in volcano yellow

1962 | Chevrolet Corvair Monza SS

VRT Porsche

Astin Martin DBC


Porsche Custom Motorcycle - Not my normal taste, but I thought it was great shot of a uniquely styled bike. Along with the 'US custom meets European performance' fusion. I think the other thing that appeals, is that it looks like a bike you get 'in', rather than 'on' - oh yeah, and there's that ever-elusive 'Road Presence' again. It seems I seek that out in motorcycles, as well as cars, and this one has plenty...K