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Natura Clean

Natura Clean

The Madison area's premier eco-friendly cleaning company. Your source for a clean home or office and green information.

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Eco Friendly Garden Art. Use the bottoms of 2 liter soda bottles to create awesome eco-friendly garden art

Infographic: Shutterstock’s Global Design Trends 2013

Upcycling Plastic Soda Bottles As An Urban Garden. Very cool idea for a blank wall.

In the battle for SEO, does YOUR BRAND match the most popular search words? This graphic shows the relative strength of 5 search terms common to the cleaning industry over a 90-day period. To receive in-depth articles about running a cleaning business, subscribe to the new Cleaning Business Today digital magazine at cleaningbusinesst....

This works really well. Another similar recipe is to mix liquid soap, like castile soap, with baking soda until it is the consistency of frosting. You can scrub sinks, tubs, counters, etc.

PeopleTowels - the newest concept in sustainability

closeup of toad house made from terracotta flowerpot and river rocks, by Diane Rixon

35 Pest and Disease Remedies

Very Good Information! You can use Epson Salts in the Garden.

What You Need Materials 1 cup of vinegar 2 tablespoons of baking soda 1 cup of water (give or take depending on the size of your pan) A burnt stainless steel pan that was left empty and unattended on a heated hot plate. oops!. A scourer, because I can't find any way to avoid it entirely Instructions 1. Fill the bottom of the pan with a layer of water. 2. Add the vinegar. 3. Bring the pan to the boil. It should be looking a bit cleaner already. 4. Remove the pan from the heat an...