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For the Home

Natural Elements Lawn and Landscape, Inc. creates custom outdoor spaces. They operate out of Lakeville, MN and serve Minneapolis/St.Paul and Twin City suburbs. They can be reached at

Flagstone chunks set as a pathway to the front door through planting bed in Burnsville, MN 2013

Limestone steps installed in St. Paul, MN last Summer by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Your ugly gray concrete stoop can be veneered with pavers and "add" to your homes beauty

Incorporating boulders and natural stone with a new paver patio looks great!

Covering an ugly concrete stoop, creating new steps with paver tops and a whole new landing/patio in Rosemount, MN...Next Spring will see the stone work finished with a cultured stone veneer on the concrete faces and step lifts. Your ugly gray concrete can be made beautiful.

A new paver patio installed in Burnsville, MN by Natural Elements in 2013! Nice and functional!

Oddly-shaped, custom block/paver steps installed in Shoreview, MN in 2013 by Natural Elements

A simple fieldstone boulder wall in Lakeville, MN. Nice serpentine shape.

A new irregular fieldstone boulder wall with irregular Fond du Lac flat bolders as natural steps inset. Installed in Eden Prairie, MN 2013

Limestone outcroppers as a step 1 in a non-mowable yard re-do to create a new look and to install native plants in the Spring of 2014!

Step one...Limestone outcroppers installed in Burnsville...late Fall 2013. Spring will bring new, mostly native plantings, and mulch to finish.

Quarried limestone wall and steps installed in St. Paul 2013 by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape Inc...out of Lakeville, MN can install one of these...only with a real wood-burning feature.

This premium limestone wall was installed last Fall in Shakoee, MN by Natural Elements in Lakeville, MN

This fireplace would look great in your yard too. Install-able in MN by www.naturalelemen...

This basalt bowl fountain would look great...install-able in MN by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape, Inc. in Lakeville.

Natural Elements is looking to incorporate recycled, classic building ornamentation into their outdoor spaces for customer's yards, patios and walls in the future for a truly one-of-a kind space...with a story.

Split boulders make great steps like these installed by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape, Inc. in Apple Valley, MN in 2012.

Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape Inc. in Lakeville, MN installs driveways like these...www.natur...

This driveway apron was sunk. Natural Elements removed the old ashpalt, re-based and made this new apron work right into the front walk and patio. www.naturalelemen...

Tore off the old rotting deck and replaced it with a permanent, beautiful solution in Eagan, MN www.naturalelemen...

An ugly fray concrete stop and steps, redone with pavers in Apple Valley, MN last year. www.naturalelemen...

A paver patio under a deck installed in 2012 by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape in Lakeville, MN www.naturalelemen...

A stamped-dyed patio Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape installed in 2012. Lakeville, MN 952-270-3385

Flagstone walk done by Natural Elements Lawn & Landscape, Inc.