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Museum Store

The Museum Store, operated by Friends of the Museum, offers a wide assortment of books, videos, CDs, gems, jewelry, natural science kits, educational toys and more.

MOVA Planet - Jupiter, 4.5" The globe turns peacefully on its own, using only the energy of room light and the forces of Earth's magnetic field to simulate perpetual motion. Each globe turns autonomously, whether on a stand or in the palm of your hand. No batteries or power cords are required. naturalsciences.o... $140

Guide to the Snakes of North Carolina By Michael Dorcas 11"x8½" Booklet covers thirty-seven species of snakes. $7.95

Exclusive! Exploring North Carolina: The High-Definition Television Series DVD | $17.95 each | All seasons now available!

Venomous Snakes and Spiders of NC Poster Photos, info & range maps $5.00

Featured Products | North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Venomous Snakes of North Carolina By Alvin L. Braswell, Curator Emeritus for Herpetology; William M. Palmer,Curator Emeritus for Herpetology and Jeffrey C. Beane, Herpetology Collections Manager. 31 pages, color photos and B illustrations Softcover booklet $3.00 Also available on-line as a free PDF!

A Whale Called Trouble 7"x5" Booklet. The story of a male Sperm Whale that was found at Wrightsville Beach, N.C., in 1928 and later became the Museum mascot. $3.00.

Terror of the South Mug $7.95

Whale Logo Nalgene Water Bottle 8½ x 3½ $9.95

Whale Logo Totebag and Terror of the South Totebag 15"x13" Totes  High quality canvas with a zipper compartment inside. $16.95 each

Mood logo Pencils $0.50ea

Terror of the South Keychain $3.95

Whale Logo Pewter Pin $7.50

Terror of the South magnets: $3.00ea 3D dinosaur magnet: $4.95

Logo Water Bottle 27oz. $5.00

Whale Logo Bubble Timer $6.95

Whale Logo clothing T-shirts (white or navy) Adult (S–XL): $12.95 Adult (XXL): $13.95 Children's: $10.95 Long-sleeved t-shirts (white or navy): $14.95–$16.95 Sweatshirts (white or navy): $17.95–$21.95

Terror of the South T-shirt (Red) Adult (S–XL): $18.95 Adult (XXL): $19.95 Children's: $16.95

Black Acro T-shirt: Adult (S-XL): $12.95 Adult (XXL–XXXL): $14.95–$16.95 Women’s fitted (S–XL): $14.95 Children's: $12.95 Terror of the South Sweatshirts (black) Adult: $16.95–$19.95 Children’s: $16.95