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Construct a Solid: For this lesson, students will need to work with a partner and construct one or more of the geometric solids out of coffee stirrers and twist ties, straws and pipe cleaners, toothpicks and gumdrops, or other available supplies. For example, a tetrahedron built out of straws is shown.

Construct a Solid

Making and Investigating Fraction Strips: Students make and use a set of fraction strips to represent the length model, discover fraction relationships, and work with equivalent fractions.

Making and Investigating Fraction Strips

Petals Around the Rose: A puzzle involving five dice and a non-standard pattern is used to promote problem-solving skills.

Petals Around the Rose

Pattern Block Fractions: This lesson builds on the previous two lessons by focusing on the identification of fractional parts of a region and by recording them in standard form. Students continue to develop communication skills by working together to express their understanding of fraction relationships and to record fractions in written form.

Pattern Block Fractions

Multiply & Conquer: Students decompose 2-digit numbers, model area representations using the distributive property and partial product arrays, and align paper-and-pencil calculations with the arrays. The lessons provide conceptual understanding of what occurs in a 2-digit multiplication problem. Partial product models serve as transitions to understanding the standard multiplication algorithm.

Multiply and Conquer

Number Line Journeys: In this lesson, students generate products using a number line model. Students are encouraged to predict the products and to answer puzzles involving multiplication.

Number Line Journeys

Getting to Know the Solids: Students are introduced to some of the basic polyhedra. Students explore the shapes of the faces of these solids.

Getting to Know the Solids

Fun with Fractions: Students continue to work with fraction strips to compare and order fractions. This lesson builds on the work done with fraction relationships in the previous lesson. Students develop skills in problem solving and reasoning as they make connections between various fractions.

More Fun with Fraction Strips

Finding Lines of Symmetry: Students identify lines of symmetry and congruent figures. They explore these concepts with paper cutting and modeling on the geoboard.

Finding Lines of Symmetry

Math Vocabulary Bingo: This lesson provides students an opportunity to assess their understanding of mathematical vocabulary as they relate to key concepts from the five content areas. Through the use of a familiar game format, Bingo, students will identify numbers 0‑75 that correspond to mathematical descriptions from math vocabulary clue cards.

Math Vocabulary Bingo