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A 17 Year Old Girl Survived a 2 Mile Fall Without a Parachute, then Trekked Alone 10 Days Through the Peruvian Rainforest

BOOKS TO INFINITY -- This crazy miracle in a library in Prague was designed by Slovakian artist Matej Kren. There’s a mirror inside so the tunnel of books looks endless when you lean into it.

Transformers Bumblebee ring designed by Nicole Wakelin for CustomMade.

Here's A Circus Act You've Probably Never Seen: Former NASA Engineer's 70 Foot BugJuggler Can Juggle Cars ... see more at

28 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

9 Houses with Slides Inside

9 Houses with Slides Inside

9 Houses with Slides Inside

M.O. McGonagall is listed on one of the Quidditch trophies in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, on the same team as James Potter.

Despite what most think, Nintendo’s Mario hits blocks with his hand, not his head.

Plaka – The Neighborhood of the Gods

Colonel Sanders, the famous founder of “Kentucky Fried Chicken” (who incidentally was 62 and broke when he convinced a restaurant owner to make that restaurant the first KFC) is often considered one of Kentucky’s most notable people. However, it should be noted that he was born and raised in Indiana, not Kentucky.

Contrary to popular belief, bulls are not enraged by the color red. In fact, bulls are red-green colorblind. As illustrated by MythBusters, whether the cape used in bullfighting is red or any other color, the bull doesn’t react differently. What gets them to charge aggressively is actually the movement of the cape, not the color. The myth that the color red enrages bulls likely stems from matadors traditionally using red capes going all the way back to the 18th century in Spain.

  • Sharon davidson

    Stop it ur making it crazy mad I want bull t jump all over ur tormenting ass b4 u stick a sword in my brain for entertainment ! WANKERS

  • Today I Found Out

    Hi, we don't support bull fighting. The point of that picture was that bulls can't see the color red.

100 year old film found and developed from Antarctica...Alexander Stevens on the Aurora

What is an aluminum Anthill Art sculpture? An intricate (and exact) replica of the interior of an ant hill. Creepy? Morose? Perhaps. Art? You Decide. Watch one being made here: | 6 Anthill Art Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

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