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Creepy Halloween Ice Cubes ...can't use the link unless I sign up :-( Cool ice cubes for Halloween though.

Halloween;)....Ha and I do my lips like this every time I go out..Halloween? What do you mean? #KathyJo

halloween party graveyard | For another awesome Halloween party recipe from Jo and Sue, check out ...

Halloween shots - jello or kool-ade filled syringes (anything red liquid or semi-liquid). Would be awesome with alcohol for an even more authentic "shot" for an adult halloween party!

Halloween Finger Food! hahaha, so gross and so awesome at the same time! I don't think I could eat them, but kids would love this! Made with hot dogs, ketchup and cooked onions.

Halloween eyes,Cool ideas for makeup! Love all of them so original and unique !!

Fruit skewers stuck in pumpkin. Simple but fabulous idea. Good party snacks!

We think this would be a great recipe to try for Halloween. Come to our Halloween Open House tonight, 10/3/13 going on till 7 PM!

So cute!! I would put black sprinkles on the top and a witch hat over the stick and make a face with could even make a pointed nose out of part of an apple with a black pearl for the wart.

Great idea for a #Halloween fundraising product. The original Pinner said: "Why spend a lot of money on bags when gloves work just as well! :)" - For more Halloween Fundraising Ideas take a look here: www.rewarding-fun...

Black BeaDazzled Pumpkin: I love sparkly things, and I love pumpkins. Totally making a few of these this year.

HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS / IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS: Haunted Happenings! Outside Halloween Decor! - CotCozy

Directions say to cut out holes and use glow sticks to illuminate their eyes....wonder if you could use automatic tea lights? No need to turn on the lights every night. Instead you'll come home to the spooky eyes!

-Poke a styrofoam ball through the top of a tall garden/fence stake and cover it with white fabric or cheesecloth. -Make several of them and place them in a circle with the fabric corners tied together. Secure the fabric over the styrofoam with hot glue and white push pins. -Have them dance around a tree or fire pit!

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Creative ideas unveiled lol! Can you believe that people come up with such great ideas! Apply this even to a cool Halloween Party!

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Halloween Decoration - @Danielle Arganbright K. I could totally see this on your previous house. :D Didn't it have an entry kind of like that?

chocolate caramel pretzel fingers: Ingredients: caramel, milk chocolate, slivered almonds, pretzel sticks... Melt caramel on low, dip pretzel in caramel, set on waxed paper to cool. Next, melt milk chocolate on low and dip cooled caramel pretzel stick in chocolate, apply one slivered almond to the tip. Let cool. Enjoy the creepiness!

Halloween foods and sweets