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Products I Actually Use and Love

Learn Korean with "Korean Made Simple: A beginner's guide to learning the Korean language," a book that's easy to use, in-depth, and fun!

Veradabags. SALE 10% Handbags Cotton Canvas Hobo bag Yellow - Gna2. You can customize outer and inner fabric color. I love that there is a key fob inside so i don't have to dig for my keys. Many colors to choose from, and I love the design of the bag.

Toothy Tabs from Lush Cosmetics. Works awesome, love the taste way more than regular toothpaste. This stuff rocks!

Has etsy store Jade2090 also. I am very happy with my Pi Yao bracelet!

Orange Star Lip Balm by Littlebirchfarm on Etsy, $4.50 I swear this is the BEST lip balm ever! It works instantly to soften and soothe extremely chapped lips. I live in MN so winter calls for solid lip protection.

Prize Fighter Muscle Balm. Knocks out muscle pain. Has a wonderful unique smell, not like icy hot or other store brands. I do a lot of heavy lifting at my job and this stuff is awesome! Also comes in a larger 4 oz. tin.

Okay, I totally used to make fun of crocs, but these are actually pretty damn comfy. And any shoe that I don't have to lace up or wear socks with is okay in my book. Plus they're not hideous like the original crocs.

I love these pens! The pen actually erases clean without chewing up the paper. I have them in a bunch of colors. Awesome for my chem lab homework where pen is a requirement.