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Cenote diving, Yucatan, Mexico

Cade Butler - Journey Around the World | Sydney Scuba Diving Blog

This is the reason I keep pushing and keep trying. It isn't easy to do things you are fearful of, but with each new challenge, you grow and learn

My inspiration. No fear.

Have a headache?

Sometimes Being A Friend Means Mastering The Art Of Timing. There's A Time For Silence; A Time To Let Go And Allow People To Hurl Themselves Into Their Own Destiny; And A Time To Prepare To Pick Up The Pieces When It's All Over


Steelers - Release the Keisel! Can't wait for football season!

DIY turban headband! I LOVE THESE FOR POOL DAYS!

Brave mouse attacks snake that killed his friend…

Timeline Photos - The secret to humor is surprise. | Facebook