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Mammamoiselle: Bringing Spring To Your Home: Spring Door Wreaths by TwoInspireYou

How To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

Genius! store matches in mason jar, add a piece of sand paper in the cap on which to strike the matches.

This is simple, whimsical and somehow elegant. It’s almost too easy to make, too. Cut the bottom of a used light bulb off and empty the bulb of its contents. Rinse it out with water (and maybe some soap) to clean out the metal. Next, fill it with water and then set it on something that will hope it upright, such as a napkin ring. Add your favorite flower to this mini vase for the completed look. A few of these create a lovely centerpiece especially when they are set at various heights.

This would make me laugh every morning if it was in my bathroom.

putting stone under the bar counter makes sense to minimize scuff marks when people are seated on stools around your breakfast bar...much better than painted wall...

Wow! These would make great center pieced for a table during the holidays...Imagine them with red apples! They look pretty easy make: glass vases, apples, water, twine, and season flowers...:o)

Fill the middle vase with flowers and the outer vase with candy of choice.

Better than a this!

Fall Table Centerpiece - made from old fence boards and filled with candles, pumpkins and gourds.

This makes much more sense than those plastic holders that are never big enough

The Pious Sodality of Church Ladies: In Pictures: Napkin for a Buffet or Picnic