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Mark Twain Quote

I highly doubt that. Please make a note for the future....I've not missed any of your so-called delusion of awesomeness to this calendar date, so don't waste anymore of my time trying to gain attention from me. Defined particularily as one who wants to make NO time for you.

If they don't chase you when you walk away... keep walking.

People never change because they are under threat or under duress. Never. They change because they see something that makes their life seem valuable enough to start moving toward a life worth living. ~ Robert Downey Jr Quote

Don't settle. Don't finish crappy books. If you don't like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you're not on the right path, get off it. -Chris Brogan, via Flickr.

Totally me. I got kicked out of Sunday school numerous times for "asking too many questions".

Favorite Quote, From my Favorite Movie now on my wall...also will be my 100lb lost tattoo