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Kindergarten Handwriting

Kindergarten-friendly handwriting is woven into authentic writing experiences

The morning message is a great time to highlight high-frequency "heart words" and punctuation. Children delight in instantly knowing how to read and spell these sight words. We encourage the children to also fingerspell for multisensory learning.

Confessions of a Kindegarten Teacher: Morning Meeting

Sensory gel writing. Fill a snap-lock bag with a bit of hair gel and some food coloring and mix together. Such a fun way to get your kiddos to write!

Preschool Letter of the Week G - In My World

FREE DOWNLOAD. We begin the year with this familiar handwriting song. A copy goes in the children's "I Can Read" Poetry notebook. Find other September poetry under the Free Poetry tab at

Many Montessori classrooms have a salt or sand tray for pre-writing work. We have a Corn Meal Tray. I love the feel of the corn meal and it makes for a wonderful tracing tool. Pretty simple and powerful tool. Inexpensive too. A Tray. Corn Meal. Keys to this work: Place a card with a letter...

Easy & Inexpensive Pre-Writing Tool - Carrots Are Orange

"Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work" by Nellie Edge is an integrated multisensory approach to teaching handwriting that encourages art,music,sign language, and authentic writing practice.

Our kindergarten friends at Nellie Edge Seminars loved these small "just right" pencils! They are useful tools the beginning of the year for children who are still developing control of finger muscles. See Pencils for Little Hands from Handwriting without Tears.

A fun app for teaching handwriting. Kids start by tracing and the prompts are gradually faded so that they learn to write, rather than just trace.

The laminated cover of Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting book from Laura Flocker's class protects the self portrait.

Great post about supporting kindergarten writers! This girl has just completed a fluency activity where she practiced writing "heart word" sentences with good handwriting. Documentation is from an action- research project with Nellie Edge and Jaime Corliss.

Talking to Kindergartners about Their Writing

We begin the year with this familiar song. A copy goes in the children's "I Can Read" Poetry notebook. Find other September poetry under the Free Poetry tab at

Sample pages from “Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work.” by Nellie Edge. Our goal in these short handwriting, phonics, and word work lessons is to help children focus, review handwriting skills, and practice in an authentic context. Notice that each page is unique and includes opportunity for creative thinking and writing.

Quick writes build fluency.

We at like this information. A pencil grip tip came from the website www.rocksinthedry...: Have a child pinch a half piece of Kleenex between the pinky and ring finger and palm. The other three fingers will naturally grasp a pencil correctly.

Laura Flocker provides explicit, systematic instruction in seeing and drawing like an artist from the first week in school when children are introduced to crayons. Learning how to draw is an important part of a Kindergarten-Friendly approach to handwriting.

teaching left handed kids to write: grasp, stages, positioning - great post!!

teaching left handed kids to write: grasp, stages, positioning

FREE handwriting practice pages, articles, practical strategies, and research. Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters! is a beautiful blog for kindergarten and special ed teachers, and parents who homeschool. Discover joyful pathways to accelerated literacy...

letter poem

Camp Kindergarten: Pictures, Freebie and What we've been up too!

Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting begins with the letter "I" and songs and movement chants. Katie Nelson includes "heart word" and handwriting chants in the children's "I Can Read" notebook. Download the "I" Chant. Under the Free Poetry tab/September, find over 200 free songs, poems, chants, and rhymes for "I Can Read" notebooks.