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Kindergarten Handwriting

Kindergarten-friendly handwriting is woven into authentic writing experiences

In Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting we encourage quality work and differentiate handwriting instruction. It is equally as important to provide a creative challenge for the child who comes into kindergarten already reading and writing as it is to provide a framework that supports the less experienced learner. Build a scaffold of success for ALL children and let your proficient writers soar!

kindergarten handwriting

kindergarten writing | Nellie Edge a Kindergarten Blog

Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters: Sixteen Frequently Asked Questions

"Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work" by Nellie Edge is an integrated multisensory approach to teaching handwriting that encourages art and authentic writing practice.

Dog is an anchor word for kindergarten-friendly handwriting, phonics, and word work.

Quick writes build fluency.

Great explanation on Perfect Pencil Grasp!!!

Get a Grip on Pencil Grasps « Miss Mancy's Blog

creative and pretty way to practice letters & numbers. Things you need - Gallon size Ziploc bag, glitter (optional), food coloring, hair gel (dollar store)

DIY Salt tray with Alphabet Cards

DIY Salt Tray and Alphabet Cards

Fantastic information about crayons!!!! ALLLL teachers SHOULD read this post!

Color My World « Miss Mancy's Blog

Strengthen your child's arms/shoulders for better writing/fine motor skills

Pop the Piggy on my Tummy « Miss Mancy's Blog

The morning message is a great time to highlight high-frequency "heart words" and punctuation. Children delight in instantly knowing how to read and spell these sight words. We encourage the children to also fingerspell for multisensory learning.

Confessions of a Kindegarten Teacher: Morning Meeting

Sensory gel writing. Fill a snap-lock bag with a bit of hair gel and some food coloring and mix together. Such a fun way to get your kiddos to write!

Preschool Letter of the Week G - In My World

FREE DOWNLOAD. We begin the year with this familiar handwriting song. A copy goes in the children's "I Can Read" Poetry notebook. Find other September poetry under the Free Poetry tab at

Many Montessori classrooms have a salt or sand tray for pre-writing work. We have a Corn Meal Tray. I love the feel of the corn meal and it makes for a wonderful tracing tool. Pretty simple and powerful tool. Inexpensive too. A Tray. Corn Meal. Keys to this work: Place a card with a letter...

Easy & Inexpensive Pre-Writing Tool - Carrots Are Orange

"Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work" by Nellie Edge is an integrated multisensory approach to teaching handwriting that encourages art,music,sign language, and authentic writing practice.

Our kindergarten friends at Nellie Edge Seminars loved these small "just right" pencils! They are useful tools the beginning of the year for children who are still developing control of finger muscles. See Pencils for Little Hands from Handwriting without Tears.

A fun app for teaching handwriting. Kids start by tracing and the prompts are gradually faded so that they learn to write, rather than just trace.