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Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson

it is so hard to be apart and away and across a border from you. But one day, we'll make it through

I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance

Milk Art. All you need is milk, food coloring and dish soap. This year in Chemistry I got to test out this project, but my group did it wrong and it didn't come out right. I would love to try again and make a complete piece of art out of it. The colors flow however they want and you can't control it. It's art just the way it is made.

ikea shoe drawers. There are 27 pairs of shoes here folks!!! I must remember to get this next time at ikea!!

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pinwheels | I love pinwheels. They make cute little appetizers and are also great for lunches. Any kid (or adult) would love to dive into these when they open their lunchbox. | From:

I don't think I wanna taco 'bout it. Using this now. (I don't know why, but this totally makes me think of Sydney.)

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Ohhh yeah..... i want one of these! @jensen chiu chiu Bergvall and a brother just like him for you lol

The Ultimate Breakup Playlist: 50 breakup songs all in a handy Spotify playlist! this is a pretty good list...