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The *70's* Remembered

This is the decade of my young high school and college years. I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

Classic Candie's slides by El Greco, 1979. Probably worn by your cool babysitter with her designer jeans. Somewhere between Debbie Harry and Betty Rizzo. "You're going places. You know what you want. Everything. You know where you're going. Up. You know how to get there. Candie's shoes by El Greco."

Clogs, Sandals and High Wooden Mules

1970's ICEE - this was a real treat for me and my brother at our local K-mart.

Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog :) i wore night gowns like this one

Margrit Ramme for Andre Courrèges Harper's Bazaar 70's

Pictures: Ice cream, anyone ? (5)

Marie Helvin in Haiti by David Bailey, 1976.

1976 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photographed by: Kourken Pakchanian. baja california 1976 Looking much like the lures they undeniably are, Yvette and Yvonne Sylvander make waves at the tip of Baja California. The twins glisten is metalic nylon bikinis made by Monika for Elon - Swimsuit Collection - Yvette Sylvander

70's dinner party | PRESS & PHOTOS > Retro / 70's Themed 40th Birthday > retro lava lamps ...

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Before you wear these, ask yourself. Are you in the 1980's? Are you a man in a heavy metal band? If the answer to either of these questions is no, put the leggings down.

The top 80s Fashion Trends and 80's costumes for Halloween

Vintage 1977 Holly Hobby Christmas Glasses // I had these I think I have one or two left.

The T-Shirtery Inc. advertisement, 1976.

70s Fashion - Disco Style

1970s' Fashion Trends

Had to pin this, just for the good laugh.Too funny. I would feel like I was walking out with a blanket wrapped around me. Gotta love that 70's fashion tho lol

  • Clare .

    My mom had a dress just like this. My husband thinks it's super cool, bless hiss heart!

1971 - Yes. We really DID look like this back then.

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