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Watercolor fox

Butterfly Print - Nature Art - Watercolor Butterflies - Archival Print - Pink - Home Decor on Etsy, $24.00

Wood White Butterfly (1861) by Arthur Bartholomew (1834 - 1909). Pencil, watercolour, ink and varnish on paper.

Amazing. Wish I knew who the artist was!

victoria verbaan

I wish I could draw like this

Winter Sunrise - Watercolor Fashion Illustration Sketch Drawing Abstract Print

Indie Art | Angel Kisses

this illustration is beautiful! and could be redone through the concept of using a females facial/ portrait area and have her lips coloured red to symbolise love-passion/kissing, use half the face of an animal which represents love, use the rose within her hair to represent love etc... as a concept for the cover of my romance novel- just a concept which could work or could not work.

butterfly: sign of recovery once you come out of your cocoon. You can fly.

iain macarthur

Well she's kind scary and intimidating looking...but I wish I could draw people so bad!!

How to sketch the blinking process @Isabelle Choi Choi Choi Choi Bliss This reminds me of your drawing- the top eye and the half-face that i didnt want to be a pirate.

BY: Soleil Ignacio