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Training advice, care tips, pretty pictures, factoids, a few cartoons - all for those of us who are irresistibly drawn to horses!

What to do about stone bruises in your horse

How to Indentify and Treat Stone Bruises in Your Horse's Hooves

Curing A Biting Horse - Equine Wellness Magazine

Curing A Biting Horse - Equine Wellness Magazine

Help Your Horse with Relocation

Help Your Horse with Relocation

White Tails… a handy way to remove stains.

Stained Horse Tails | AndalusianWorld News

Apples and a palomino :)

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Steppe horse--"Most of us have never experienced horses like this: they are semi wild and live in big herds. Small and tough, most of the horses we rode were geldings whose manes and tails are cut to make rope. But a stallion’s mane is never cut"

Every. Time.

  • Emma Long

    I would just pinch the back of his leg and lean on it and cluck until he lifts it up and when he does catch it and don't let him put it down until you tell him to and praise him and do the other feet you should only have to do it for a few days and then he should get the point and you don't wen have to pick it out all the time after you in tack just lift it up and put it back down and praise him

  • Claire Honeycutt

    Thanks, ill definitely try that.

  • Emma Long

    Let me know how it works and if you need anything else!

  • Emma Long

    Sorry I hope it helped! My horse lifts up her feet pretty well but I have had to do that before and it worked

  • Emma Long

    Have you gotten a chance yet? @ClaireHoneycutt

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What exactly is a chestnut horse?

Horse coat colors 101: The chestnut horse
  • Kiwi Bonde

    I'd say red over brown. Less brown=brighter chestnut more brown over red=darker or liver chestnut. Bays I think are similar in variances in addition to black markings manes and tail.

  • Elizabeth Beary

    Chestnut is the color

  • Romy Wetherall

    Chestnuts are horses that are uniformly the same color of brown. So a brown body with a brown mane and a brown tail. They vary in color from dark like liver chestnuts that are a very dark brown or lighter like flaxen who have a light brown body with almost blonde manes and tails. Bay is a different color its any horse with a brown body with a black mane and tail and what we call points so the tips of their ears and black on their legs. I hope that helps.

What to tell your Veterinarian if your horse has colic!

Top 5 mistakes made when lunging a horse

Top Five Mistakes Made Lunging A Horse

Top 10 ways to have fun with your horse

Trafalgar Square's Top Ten Ways to Have Fun with Your Horse

How do you play with a horse?

Horse Play With A Horse - Just Who Exactly Is Having Fun Here?

How to Ride Your Excited Horse In 5 Easy Steps | Horse Listening

How to Ride Your Excited Horse In 5 Easy Steps

5 Tips to Keep Your Fleece Saddle Pad and Girth Cover Pristine

How to thoroughly and efficiently muck stalls.

7 Under-Saddle Problems and How to Fix Them by Holly Caccamise | Horse Channel || Use a little dressage know-how to improve the fast horse, the slow horse, the stiff horse, and others.

7 Under-Saddle Problems and How to Fix Them