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I have a horse for the first time since I was a kid - I am relearning everything I ever knew about horses and increasing my knowledge tenfold. I am having a blast!

Equine fecal parasite testing - available to private horse owners directly for $15 (qualitative testing - light/moderate/heavy density of parasites) or $18 (quantitative testing - parasite and the count for each specifically identified). Free, postage-paid mailers with specimen bag and instructions will be sent to you. Prices listed in this pin are as of April 2014. New England Horse Labs.

When is it time for a senior feed? Know the signs. (Roll over the markers on the horse image at the link to learn more.)

Are Stabled Horses at Increased Risk for Developing Colic?

Master the sitting trot, keeping a deep seat and following the motion of the horse with your hips in a smooth, subtle way.

Avoid these three common hoof-care mistakes to keep your horse healthy this spring

“The best thing I try to do for myself is to try to listen to the horse. I don’t mean let him take over. I listen to how he’s operating; what he’s understanding or what he doesn’t understand; what’s bothering him and what isn’t bothering him. I try to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is.” – Tom Dorrance

Does Your Tack Trunk Look Like Tossed Salad? Here's how to reorganize it.

Stretchy Walk--the active stretch

21 ways to save $$$ on a trail-riding adventure!

The 11 primary categories of equine behavior: ingestive, eliminative, investigative, social, care-giving, care-seeking, sexual, agonistic, dominance, contactual, play.

Part by part, how to read equine body language

Keep Your Horse's Tail Mud-Free - step by step guide to tying a secure mud knot in your horse's tail

How to Minimize Mud In Your Horse Pasture This Spring

Keeping A Horse's Attention - "Horse training is a mental game played in a physical medium." So true.

First Rides: Evaluating a Horse’s Vocabulary

Showin' off the new legs :)

"I Wasn't Born In A Barn But I Got Here As Fast As I Could."

Truths and Fallacies about Equine Weight Management

Is your horse better off inside or out?

Working on bending into the corner. Easing your horse into suppleness.

Stall or pasture - what's best for horses?