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Cappadocia, Turkey by by Mustafa Tarik Olmez


Blackchurch Rock (England) by peterspencer49

Stakkholtsgjá gorge in Thorsmörk

Island - Stakkholtsgjá bei Thorsmörk

Great Expectations St James, Cooling, Kent These children's anthropomorphic gravestones provided Charles Dickens with the inspiration for poor Pip's dead brothers in his novel, Great Expectations.

Amsterdam - great 'big lights' shot and the reflection on the water makes it all the more mesmerizing

Cenote diving, Yucatan, Mexico

Plenty of ghostly ruins have been photographed, but photos are easily faked and easier to dismiss. The world’s most-photographed phantom castle is Dounarwyse-a 13th century ruin on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. It’s said to appear like clockwork-so regularly it’s a simple matter to calculate a sighting. In daylight its nothing but a few crumbling bricks. Above:the most evocative shot of it ever taken, by Leszek Bujnowski."Hoax or Smoking Gun? 1880-2008"

Forgotten Spree Park