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My PCH Favorite's

PCH Super Fan #1 That's Me (Smiles)

Free Online Sweepstakes & Contests |

Free Online Sweepstakes & Contests |

What Do Millionaires Know That We Don’t

PCH Search & Win: SERC

If you could only choose one thing to do after becoming a #PCH winner, which would it be?

We hate ruining a surprise, but we hate scammers even more! #PCH

PCHlotto @PCHLotto wants to know With so much to do, are you sure you've done it all? #PCH

Jacks and Hopscotch and jumping rope (Smiles)

What do you think

What is the PCHSuperFan program? Find out -

Dave is curious to know... #PCH ...How about a little of both (Smiles)

What brings out the child in you? #PCH

What's better the cookie or the fortune? #PCH

What wouldn't you trade for all the money in the world? #PCH

Mother knows best, agree? #PCH Mine sure did (Smiles)

The Giveback is Back! Watch as Danielle Lam explains how the #PCH Giveback began and what's in store for 2014!

Free Online Sweepstakes & Contests |

Because of you, there is St. Jude (Smiles) I can't think of a better cause!

  • Braulio Bernal

    If get a big prize I will make my own contribution.

  • Nettie

    St.Jude is #1 in my book as a Charity (Smiles) Marlo Thomas is an awesome woman and she makes awesome things happen. Her father would be som amazed I'm sure to see that the Legacy he started so many years ago is still flourishing!. RIP Danny Thomas What an amazing family!

Cash Prize Notice PCH......Don't throw those envelopes away! Did you know that many #PCH envelope receivers lose chances on winning because they don't send the envelopes back to #PCH.....Enter today for chances to win ! (Smiles)

Switzerland at Christmas (Smiles)

  • Braulio Bernal

    I wish to go to Switzerland and look at this precious place on this picture in person.

  • Nettie

    Hi Braulio Bernal (Smiles) This an exquisite palace! It would be quite extraordinary to see this up close. Imagine the staff it takes to run this estate....Wowzers!