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Funny Marriage - Not to be taken seriously :)

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For Beter or Worse?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

For Better or Worse?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

Is it important or wise to honor the commitment of "for better or for worse"? Or are they just pretty words said in wedding vows?

For Better or for Worse! Really?!? - Newlywed Survival

His last words...

Doesn't seem like a fair deal, does it?

The Husband Contract: Fine Print | Average Moms Wear Capes

Whoever invented marriage...

Long term relationship Barbie

Is this what it has come to? #newlywedsurvival

If a husband says he will fix it... #newlywedsurvival

Who needs Google? #newlywedsurvival

Is this you? #newlywedsurvive It is usually me waiting for my hubby!

The new bacon bikini... #newlywedsurvival

Bacon Bikini | Unearthed Comics

Breakfast in bed? #newlywedsurvival

Marriage IS a fairy tale... #newlywedsurvival

Is that you or the wine talking... #newlywedsurvival

I'm still doing this in year 4! #newlyweds


Every passing year our relationship gets better.... #divorce #attorney #humor

I've officially started my search for a festive holiday wine that best accompanies beef, lamb, and constant mother-in-law insults.

Don't know what to get your husband for Christmas? Whatever you give him, give it to him naked.

Christmas Season | Snarkecards

I thought finishing sentences was cute :)

Relationships | Snarkecards | Page 2

The mute button.

Relationships | Snarkecards

Marriage is fun!

marriage | Search Results | Snarkecards

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