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Travel, Recreation and Lifestyle

Stories from active wheelchair users

Discovering the San Juan Islands by Wheelchair

The Trusting Traveler - On Accessible home swaps!

Just kids playing. Love it!


    Love it too! This was taken by photographer Bill Forrester in Melbourne Australia at a Chairskating event with Christiaan Otter Bailey :))

Matt Getze travels off the beaten path on wheels and on a budget.

Q&A With Matt Getze, Wheelchair Adventurer

How do you get an accessible hotel room? Ask Ashley Lyn Olson.

She was pregnant. Then he got paralyzed.

How do you keep spontaneity? Plan for it.

Planning for Spontaneity - New Mobility

Bob Vogel and his daughter, Sarah, hit the road.

Dad and Daughter: Epic Road Trip - New Mobility

Adaptive surfing - a family experience.

Dancing in the Sea: Adaptive Surfing - New Mobility

Burning Man on Wheels!