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DIY Masking Tape | Scotch Expressions | Bright Bold and Beautiful

DIY Masking Tape | Scotch Expressions | Bright Bold and Beautiful

craftophilia: PROJECT REPORT 2 - Circular Weaving

craftophilia: PROJECT REPORT 2 - Circular Weaving

Over 100 envelope templates and tutorials. Seems like to many, really.

"Unpaper" towels. Yeah, they're dishtowels, sort of. But these are cheaper, and better substitutes for paper towels. I hate throwing away so much paper towel trash! Now I don't have to. I'm gonna switch to "Un-paper" towels.

DIY earbud keeper

Well isn't this a duh moment :D Outdoor table (with storage!) made from terracotta pot and saucer. Use diff colours but love the idea! Esp for small spaces! Put a smaller pot in the bigger one, fill the space in between with sand, and wet the sand, and you have a primitive cooler too!

Make a Simple Beautiful Envelope

Americute! Maybe make in pieces and put buttons and tabs on the back to put them together. Make it a puzzle

fairy wing tutorial for dolls - wings are very poseable - can customize - made from transparency *********************************************** Lady of the One Ring - #fairy #doll #wings #miniature #garden t√

I've seen this called the Solomon's Knot, and the Love Knot. Either way, it's my favorite crochet stitch, and works up *fast* to a light, lacy piece. I like to use fancier, furrier yarns with it for a cloud effect.

Make Stamped Clothespins to organize your pantry and fridge - Organize and Decorate Everything

18 Different Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs!!

Mason Jar Succulents and Spring Mantel Tatertots & Jello #Spring #masonjars

Large empty oatmeal canisters are just the right size to hold two rolls of toilet paper -My main guest bath totally needs this!