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Kids Book Trailers - Upper Elementary

Book trailers are like movie trailers - they give you a little taste of the story so that you'll want to know more. Use them to help you find a good book!

NIC BISHOP SPIDERS by NIC BISHOP. Don't watch this if you have arachnophobia (i.e. the fear of spiders!) Nature photographer shows you how he gets the great shots of the spiders that fill this book. Official video by ScholasticKids.

DEAR DUMB DIARY, YEAR TWO series by JIM BENTON. Whatever you do, don't watch this video! Jamie Kelly's world gets another year dumber in Jim Benton's new series Dear Dumb Diary, Year Two. Official trailer created by ScholasticKids.

THE 39 CLUES: CAHILLS VS. VESPERS. The Cahills are preparing an elite force to help stop a new enemy, the Vespers. You've been chosen to take part. Do you have what it takes? Start your training today! Official trailer created by ScholasticKids.

ALLIE FINKLE'S RULES FOR GIRLS by MEG CABOT. Nine-year-old Allie Finkle has rules for everything and is even writing her own rule book, but her world is turned upside-down when she learns that her family is moving across town, which will mean a new house, school, best friend, and plenty of new rules. Official book trailer created by ScholasticKids.

CYBERIA by CHRIS LYNCH. In a future where electronic surveillance has taken the place of love, a veterinarian is putting computer chips in animals to control them, and those creatures choose young Zane, who understands their speech, to release captives and bring them to a technology-free safety zone. Official book trailer created by ScholasticKids.

ELIJAH OF BUXTON by CHRISTOPHER PAUL CURTIS. Christopher Paul Curtis takes readers into the historical, dramatic world of his 2008 Newbery Honor Book and 2008 Coretta Scott King Award Winning, Elijah of Buxton. Official book trailer created by ScholasticKids.

WONDERSTRUCK by BRIAN SELZNICK. Having lost his mother and his hearing in a short time, twelve-year-old Ben leaves his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he never knew in New York City, and meets there Rose, who is also longing for something missing from her life. Ben's story is told in words; Rose's in pictures. Official book trailer created by ScholasticKids.

DEAD END IN NORVELT by JACK GANTOS. Twelve-year-old Jack Gantos spends the summer grounded for various offenses until he is assigned to help an elderly neighbor with a most unusual chore involving the newly dead, molten wax, twisted promises, Girl Scout cookies, underage driving, lessons from history, typewriting, and countless bloody noses. Official trailer created by MacMillan Children's Publishing.

CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO NOT READING by TOMMY GREENWALD. Charlie Joe Jackson is proud to say that he's never read an entire book from cover to cover. When it comes to actually reading, Charlie counts on his friend Timmy McGibney to do the reading for him in exchange for an ice cream sandwich. But when Timmy decides that his price has gone up to three ice cream sandwiches, Charlie Joe Jackson is faced with two very unappealing options: let himself be blackmailed or read an entire book.

IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL...FOREVER by R.L. STINE. Everything goes wrong for eleven-year-old Artie on his first day at Ardmore Middle School, from the moment his alarm goes off until the next morning, when everything is repeated exactly the same way. Official trailer created by MacMillan Children's Publishing.

TEN RULES FOR LIVING WITH MY SISTER, by ANN M. MARTIN. Nine-year-old Pearl and her popular, thirteen-year-old sister, Lexie, do not get along very well, but when their grandfather moves in and the girls have to share a room, they must find common ground. Official book trailer created by Macmillan's Children's Publishing.

WAIT TILL HELEN COMES by MARY DOWNING HAHN. Molly and Michael dislike their spooky new stepsister Heather but realize that they must try to save her when she seems ready to follow a ghost child to her doom. Book trailer created by Analine Johnson, a high school librarian from Laredo, Texas.

While spending the summer at their grandmother's Vermont inn, two prankster siblings awaken young ghosts from the inn's distant past who refuse to "rest in peace." Book trailer created by Analine Johnson, librarian at Centeno Elementary in Laredo, Texas.