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Classic Fountain Pens

Classic Fountain Pens

At Classic Fountain Pens, we present a selection of the finest contemporary and vintage fountain pens ever made and optimize them to write specifically for you.

OMAS Vintage Paragon 2014 Blue Saffron. Intended for the European market only, we have managed to secure an extremely small number of the OMAS Vintage Paragon 2014 Blue Saffron fountain pens for our customers. With marbled celluloid flecked with shades of gold, navy, and white, this elegant writing instrument merges warm and cool shades for a stunning visual effect. The twelve-faceted Paragon model showcases the rich celluloid finish. Our price just $876 for this rarity.

Sailor Colors of Four Seasons Inks. While Sailor is discontinuing many long-time colors as seen above, they have also released eight new hues as the Colors of Four Seasons series. The new colors are Shingure purple, Tokwa-Matsu green, Nioi Sumire blue-grey, Miruai dark green, Souten light blue, Doyou brown, Yama-Dori aqua, and Oku-Yama red-brown. Each 50 ml bottle, which includes a built-in reservoir for easy filling, is priced at $18.00.

Nakaya Dorsal Fin Version 2 Ao-tamenuri. Reminiscent of the deepest ocean waters, the Nakaya Dorsal Fin Version 2 Ao-tamenuri fountain pen combines a highly-sought after blue-green finish with a unique double-fin shape. Multiple layers of Urushi lacquer are applied over a period of months to create the raised fins - this is one of the most time-intensive procedures utilized by Nakaya. $1320 (or $1370 with rhodium-plated nib).

Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Shiro-tamenuri. Compact in shape but not in style, the Nakaya Piccolo Cigar Shiro-tamenuri fountain pen seems to be illuminated from within. Rich amber color fills the Piccolo between two slightly domed cap ends, while layers of gold and amber peek through at the seams. A 14k gold nib complements the warm tamenuri hues. Also available in the Writer model (with clip). $650

Platinum 3776 Century Nice Limited Edition. This fountain pen pays homage to the relaxing beachfront town of Nice, France by utilizing a "diamond cut" shape and transparent cap and body. Rose gold trim and a 14k rose gold plated nib add to the image of luxury, perfect for a town known for attracting aristocrats, celebrities, and artists since the 19th century. Our Price just $200.

Sailior Sky Professional Gear Special Edition. With its transparent blue cap and barrel appropriately shaded like the sky on a clear day, this is an innovative demonstrator pen. The Sailor ProGear Sky is available in three models (from smallest to largest): ProGear Slim (also known as the Sapporo in some markets-$200), ProGear Standard (the normal Pro Gear-size model-$312), and ProGear King of Pen ($816). Whichever size you want, there is a Sky for you.

Montegrappa Miya Carbon. This fountain pen takes the classic Miya line to new levels of modernity with its carbon fiber barrel and colorful cap ends. Full-bodied and curvaceous, the Miya Carbon has the sleek lines of a sports car. It can race across the paper with its sporty looks, but still remains timeless and built to last. $1440 and available by special order only.

Pelikan Tradition M200 Cognac. With its cognac-colored resin and smooth 18k nib, this fountain pen beckons the writer to linger just a little bit longer on the hand-written word. Gold trim highlights the warmth of the amber color, while the translucent barrel allows you to see when it's time for an ink refill. $299 for this generous piston-filler.

Bexley Stalwart Chinese Red. The word "stalwart" signifies something that is loyal, reliable, and hardworking, and the Bexley Stalwart Chinese Red fountain pen lives up to its name. Bright red resin livens up the simple yet classic design of this writing instrument. As always, Bexley pens embody a classic and uniquely American approach to pen design. Also available in Jet Black, Oxblood, and Regal Blue. Just $289.

Sailor Sapporo Pearl Red Special Edition with 14k Saibi Togi Nib. Sailor bids farewell to the Saibi Togi, its now discontinued super extra fine nib size, with this unique special edition fountain pen. Metallic crimson finish and rhodium trim combine with the novelty of a 14k Saibi Togi nib, previously available only in 21k, to make this a writing instrument that will become an instant collectors item for Sailor aficionados. Only $310.

OMAS Milord Arte Italiana Art Teal Green Limited Edition. This fountain pen celebrates the writing instrument for its ability throughout history to communicate the art humans have been able to create. With its luxurious teal green finish and engraved details, the twelve-faceted Milord Arte Italiana Art Teal Green is dedicated to art as a valuable expression of emotion via aesthetic and creative means. This pen is being made available in just 331 pieces worldwide. $680.

Nakaya Kago-amime (Basket Mesh) Bright Green. With its basket mesh pattern delicately woven on top of ebonite, this fountain pen provides a new textural and visual writing experience. Employing ancient basket weaving techniques and fusing them with modern shapes and colors, Nakaya has produced an innovative model to add to its line of writing instruments. This chartreuse green adds a vivid contrast to the lacy black weaving. Also available in Araishu and Indigo Blue. $1800.

OMAS William Shakespeare Limited Edition. This fountain pen fountain pen pays homage to the man commonly referred to as the greatest playwright and poet in the English language. With a barrel made of oak, the traditional wood of old England, and a cap made of antique silver, this fountain pen captures the essence of Shakespeare's time. Each pen is numbered, with just 450 pens available. Our price $2800.

Taccia Tanto Limited Edition Crimson Red. Designed to resemble a Japanese samurai sword, Taccia's Tanto Limited Edition Crimson Red fountain pen is a veritable weapon in the hand for worldly writers. Limited to just 50 numbered pieces worldwide, the Tanto Crimson Red fountain pen symbolizes the nobility and dignity of the Japanese samurai. Also available in Moonlit Black. Our Price $1196.

Sailor King of Pen Orange Urushi. Sailor's King of Pen Orange Urushi brings a warm-hued finish to this more than full-sized fountain pen, comparable in size to the Montblanc 149. Though called Orange by Sailor, the color of this pen is perhaps more accurately described as a warm red Vermillion. At a closed length of 6 inches and a weight of 33.5 grams, this is a pen with a large presence. Now also available in Ivory. $1900 with standard nib.

Sailor Susutake. The literal translation of Susutake is "smoked bamboo." Each of these pens is unique and handmade. The bamboo was obtained from the ancient roof timbers of traditional Japanese thatched-roof style houses. With the retirement of nib master Nobuyoshi Nagahara, who personally hand-crafted each Susutake pen, production of these pens is now in the hands of his son, Yukio Nagahara. No two are alike - please see web page for which ones are currently available. $1300 each.

Pilot Vanishing Point Tropical Purple. Colorful as exotic flowers, the Pilot Vanishing Point in Tropical Purple brings an eye-catching metallic finish to the Vanishing Point collection. Matte black trim and a matching retractable 18k black nib provide contrast to the luminous lavender. Also available in other metallic colors. Only $140 for this innovative pen.

OMAS Arte Italiana Sterling Silver Limited Edition Vermeil. With its gilded finish and twelve-faceted shape, the OMAS Arte Italiana Sterling Silver Limited Edition Vermeil fountain pen is a striking homage to the Art Deco style of the 1930s. Available only in 35 numbered pens worldwide, we are pleased to announce that we have managed to secure a very small number of these for our customers. Also available in Silver. Our Price $1200.

Parker Premier Custom Tartan. This fountain pen combines a classic, understated combination of black and silver with unique cap details to create an innovative design for this smooth-writing pen. Rich black lacquer over brass covers the body of this writing instrument, absorbing and reflecting light. Interlocking woven bands form a tartan pattern on the cap, adding texture and tradition. Our Price just $299.

Nakaya Portable Cigar Karasu Kite and Crow. With its snow-covered branches and striking black crows, the Nakaya Portable Cigar Karasu Kite and Crow fountain pen pays homage to Yosa Buson's masterpiece "Kite and Crow" from the Edo period in Japan. Nakaya utilizes Yakou Maki-e technique in order to create a visual and textural masterpiece. The smooth and slender Portable model serves as a canvas for the detailed artwork. $2000 for this stunner.

Nakaya Portable Cigar String-Rolled Shiro-tamenuri. With its earthy brown thread, rich amber-toned finish, and slender shape, the Nakaya Portable Cigar String-Rolled Shiro-tamenuri fountain pen combines streamlined simplicity with unique aesthetic details. The rare white (Shiro) base radiates like warm sunlight from beneath the mahogany-hued lacquer. The brown string wrapped around the middle also serves a functional purpose by strengthening the area around the cap and barrel edges. $800.

OMAS Dama Pearl Grey Celluloid with Rose Gold Trim Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set. Inspired by the original Arte Italiana Paragon model designed by Armando Simoni in the 1940s, the OMAS Dama set is a faithful reproduction with its twelve-sided shape. Slightly smaller in size than the originals, these pens are no less of a presence. Only 131 Dama Pearl Grey sets, will be made available worldwide. $1420 for the set.

Field Notes Shelterwood Limited Edition. New for spring of 2014 and sure to become a sought-after collectors item, the Field Notes Shelterwood limited edition 48 page ruled memo pad features covers made from sustainably harvested American Cherry Wood, sliced to a super-fine thinness and bonded to kraft paper for durability. Because this is a natural product, no two covers will ever be exactly alike. Three-pack for $9.95.

Waterman Edson Diamond Black. Known for its strength amongst natural minerals, the black diamond is a powerful gem, and Waterman's Edson Diamond Black fountain pen is a worthy namesake. With its black resin body and matte platinum-plated cap, this fountain pen is subdued enough to be an everyday writer and yet also a pen with black tie presence. Introduced in 1993 and named after the company's founder, Louis Edson Waterman, this is Waterman's flagship pen. Our Price $880.

Parker Sonnet Metal and Pearl. With its pearl lacquer finish and rose gold cap ring, the Parker Sonnet Metal and Pearl is an elegant addition to the Sonnet line of fountain pens. Yet as its name implies, this pen has some edge, and the faceted metal cap brings an element of contemporary design to this classic writing instrument. Our price just $192.