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Oak Dining Tables, Reproduction

Early Oak Reproductions replica 16th, 17th and 18th century tables, including country style tables.

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Large 10-seater, period style, oval oak pedestal dining table, with square cut legs. #period #style #oak #table

Large Oval Oak Pedestal Dining Table with Square Cut Legs

Oak drawerleaf pedestal dining table. Custom made for our client (it can be made to other sizes and specifications to suit) in our 'As New' option. Although it has an antique feel, no original drawer leaf tables existed on a pedestal type base shown here, but we sort of cheated on historic protocol to produce something that fits in more with our modern dining preferences e.g. to comfortably sit people at each end, when the leaves are closed, and along the sides without legs getting in the way.

James 1st style oak extended dining table, with modern design tweaks, to make dining more comfortable.

Circular extending dining table, handmade in England from solid oak and part of their bespoke reproduction dining furniture range.

16th century style oak refectory table, with octagonal cut legs with dart stops.

Solid oak dining table with hand-cut square baluster supports. Available in various size options plus bespoke sizes.

Another view of the 15th century style table, handmade by Nicholas Berry and son Christopher.

Pit Sawn Surfaces

Our client commissioned this set of 8 leather covered chairs, handmade from old re-claimed oak, ergonomically sized to fit the table, also made by us. Note how the colour and patination of the chairs differs slightly from the table, to suggest they weren't made at the same time, had a different history and were purchased as separate entities.

A Late 15th Century Style Oak Trestle Dining Table, handmade from old reclaimed oak. Based on a pair of tables in the Great Hall at Penshurst Place, Kent, this example is almost 20ft long with a 3 inch thick top and will seat 18 people comfortably. Made for our clients castle in Ireland and the result of hundreds of hours work, both in making and finishing. 34 components all cut with hand held tools, hand planed and individually fitted using pegged joints.

15th Century Style Oak Trestle Table

One of the cruciform pedestal bases of the 20ft long medieval style trestle table, hand-built from old re-claimed oak, by Nicholas Berry and son Christopher.

Two of the 15th century style trestle table supports, showing the hand-shaped cruciform feet, braces and top rail. Towards the back is the third support, where you can see the slots designed to accomodate the long crocketed braces. Also behind the trestles are the three long oak boards that will be used for the table top.

14 ft. long, Medieval style trestle table. Handmade, entirely from one single ancient oak beam (even the pegs!). Measuring 20 inches x 20 inches x 18 foot long, the beam was originally part of an apple press, believed to have come from Normandy in France.

One of the trestle supports, of the 15th century style trestle table, before hand shaping the cruciform feet, braces and top rail.

Late 15th century style trestle dining table, handmade by Nicholas Berry and son Christopher, from ancient re-claimed oak beams.

Medieval Style Trestle Table

Replica medieval trestle table end view showing typical gothic style shape to trestle supports. Note the glorious twist in the top.

Trestle Table End

Trestle table, bespoke handmade from solid oak and based on a medieval dining table design. Shown here in our Chalvington Old Flaxen colour, we actually use this one as our showroom desk, so it's had to put up with the rigours of daily use!

Folding table in oak, with twin folding leaves and drawer. Called a 'Hunt Table', this very useful piece of furniture, is a six seater (we've actually had 8 round it!) dining table, which also doubles as a side table, simply by flipping the two leaves over.

Folding Table in Oak | Hunt Table | Bespoke Oak Furniture

Another view of the old-oak Elizabethan table (in this case Elizabeth 2nd!), minus the top. Tables with all round rail carving like this were almost always drawer leaf (or more correctly termed 'withdrawing') tables. Part of the 'history' of this piece shows the cut-outs where the lopers ran when the end leaves were pulled out - the original old top long lost. All made up, of course!! Note the colour of the 'untouched' surfaces.