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1950s hair, sunglasses, swimsuit, and camera. Amazing. I was born in the wrong decade, for sure!

The daughter of a Kansas lawyer, Louise Brooks was a dancer, model, showgirl, and actress -- but her hair received much of the attention she earned in the Twenties. (She is credited with popularizing the bob.)

What the .....?

The days of 78's. S)

Nancy Carrol by Eugene Robert Richee.

Anton Josef Trčka (1893-1940) Danseurs du groupe Eurythmie, 1926, by Monika Faber, Museum Baden-Baden, 1999

Diver with a baby porpoise at Marineland, Florida. National Geographic, July 1947. ☀

by Phoebe Rudomino. Still from Johnson & Johnson's 'Imagine' Total Hydration body wash TV commercial. Original in colour. ☀

“Sink” by Antoine Art Studio. ☀

Lost Heart - Photograph by © Kathleen Wilke. ☀

Wooden bathing suits, supposed to make swimming a lot easier. Haquian, Washington, USA, 1929

Awesome Vintage Photos of Moms: 1926: A mother gets all the exercise she needs pushing her pram and cycling at the same time and the baby gets a taste for speed at an early age.