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“Queen of the Night” and “Maureen” hybrid tulips in clipped parterres in Oscar de la Renta’s garden…

September | 2009 | Trouvais | Page 3

'Queen of Night' tulips. They were always in my mother's garden and so I have then in my garden as well.

Shop Fall Flowers and Flower Blubs at Holland Bulb Farms


Trevor Leat

paradis express: Trevor Leat

Trevor Leat

paradis express: Trevor Leat

Trevor Leat

paradis express: Trevor Leat

Living Willow Fence - Martha Stewart Home & Garden. This would be great for a shade structure or archways.

This Netherlands garden was designed by Belgium-based landscape architect Ronald van der Hilst, who drew inspiration from the music of Gustav Mahler.

1) Phlomis purpurea 2) Salvia fruticosa 3) Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii 4) Stachys byzantina..5) Carex muricata ssp. divulsa

Bioriza ::::: Jardineria, planta autoctona

French flower / florist delivery car with beautiful graphics!

How to Weave a Willow Basket. Looks really easy, and it becomes a real, useable basket when it dries. How neat!

How to Weave a Willow Basket? | krokotak

Dahlia 'Choc' is SO pretty!

Karma Choc Novelty Dahlia - Bõtanus :: Care Inspire Grow

love this wattle fence and garden

Cloches en châtaignier pour rosiers translation "Bells chestnut for roses"

Les photographies du prieuré d'Orsan | Le Prieuré en hiver

#green and white...

Florists from online flower market Flower Muse explain how to care for the cult-favorite flower.

Peony Flower Care - Peony Season -

"Frances Palmer is a well-known potter, a passionate gardener, and a lover of dahlias. She's also a member of GARDEN DESIGN's design board and when she offered to write about how to grow dahlias, we were so excited to be able to feature her garden and advice." via @Becky Spears Design

How to Grow Dahlias | Garden Design

Peonies in the cooler at Dancing Moon Farm

Field Guide: Peony: Gardenista

Sarracenia / Container Bog Garden. Definitely on next season's planter agenda.

Flora Grubb Gardens

vintage van potting shed

Outdoor Living -

individual bottles with flowers


it’s all good baby