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Funny Photos

From silly kids to crazy signs, there are the photos that will make any mom LOL (and we mean out LOUD). Upload your pics at

May not be your real step ladder, but it still deserves your respect.

A great idea for the 3 pieces of actual mail I get these days.

Hmmm, that other baby looks awfully familiar...

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant! And Hilary's already giving (accidental) advice.

What NOT to do when creating wedding save the dates. (P.S. That's not a lowercase "L".)

Proof that candy solves all problems.

Now this is our kind of coffee shop!

This kid is standing up for TRUE LOVE

This cactus is especially, um, prickly.

Meet the star of your Easter nightmares.

Someone had to lay down the law in this house.

Great, we're technically not buying these.

The dog never missed curfew.

Social media really does bring families together.

Is that a two-car garage or are you happy to see me?

Obviously this bathroom is for men only.

Today, Anne Hathaway is making us feel better.

The lazy person's birthday candle.

Someone's been messing with our schedule.

Witness the worst speller or all time.

Obviously there's a pretty big wait for this bathroom.

Canadian bathroom graffiti is SO polite!

This kid's got a delicious future ahead of him... full of donuts!

Is this pool a breeding ground for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?