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Funny Photos

From silly kids to crazy signs, these are the photos that will make any mom LOL (and we mean out LOUD). Upload your pics at

This explains why she doesn't come to thanksgiving anymore.

This Explains Why She Doesn’t Come To Thanksgiving Anymore

Enter this week's caption contest! Leave your funnies in the comments and then come back on Friday to find out which one made the cut!

A book you can judge by its cover.

A Book You Can Judge By Its Cover

Leave your funnies in the comments and check back on Sunday to find out which one made the cut!

Caption Contest: 'Mom, we seem to be out of sunscreen.'

We know pregnancy feels like carrying a watermelon, but this is ridiculous.

  • Jolanda Rein

    I think it's cute!

  • Sarah

    There are ridiculous things and then there are petty, snarky attempts to hate on cute things, possibly based on jealousy.. I really think this instance is the latter.. This is adorable and is more likely than not handmade, making it also thoughtful.

  • Sarah Iverson

    My mom made this for my baby shower and it was super cute and a real crowd pleaser!

The air conditioning repair guy is SO sweet.

The Air Conditioning Repair Guy Is So Sweet

P is for pasta, that's good enough for me.

P is for Pasta, That’s Good Enough for Me

Sir Mix-A-Lot will tell you who to believe!

Sir Mix-A-Lot Will Tell You Who to Believe

We cannot handle all the emotions in this summer camp letter.

We Cannot Handle All the Emotions in This Summer Camp Letter

There’s no way you can accomplish this with a leaf blower, right?

There’s No Way You Can Accomplish This with a Leaf Blower, Right?

Leave your funnies in the comments and back on Sunday to find out which one made the cut! The comment with the most "likes" wins!

Caption Contest: Holy Cow, Mom, Your Camera is GIANT

Game Of Thrones: Urine is Coming

Game Of Thrones: Urine is Coming

An unusual approach to grocery shopping.

An Unusual Approach To Grocery Shopping

How to get your kids to eat almost anything.

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Almost Anything

Check out the hottest leggings ever.

Check Out The Hottest Leggings Ever

Is it too early to start back-to-school shopping?

Is It Too Early To Start Back-To-School Shopping?

It’s gonna be a long flight.

It’s Gonna Be a Long Flight

Take 5: A surefire way to not forget your lunch.

Take 5: A Surefire Way To Not Forget Your Lunch

They should really start organizing grocery stores like this.

They Should Really Start Organizing Grocery Stores Like This

Stop and eat the roses.

Stop and Eat the Roses

On the bright side, they're brushing regularly?

On The Bright Side, They’re Brushing Regularly?

Then when do we always have 10,000 of these in candy basket?

Then Why Do We Always Have 10,000 of These in the Candy Basket?

Are you at the running of the bulls or a child's birthday party?

Are You at the Running of the Bulls or a Child’s Birthday Party?

Worst beach vacationer ever.

Worst Beach Vacationer Ever

And us without our paddle.

And Me Without My Paddle