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Chores for Kids

appropriate chore chart for a 10 year old boy | Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marisa Hopkins: Living the Creative Life: Chore O'Clock

31 quarters in the jar at the beginning of the month, every day that they do not do their chores, they lose a quarter. Whatever is left at the end of the month they exchange for cash and the quarter jar is refilled. Not to do "allowance" for chores, but rather teach chores/responsibilities as how they contribute to family. Interesting perspective.

Quarters for the month: Bed Making - Busy Kids=Happy Mom

After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a "work for hire" job to get money.

DIY Chore Chart -A Very Fun Weekend Project by Handmade Charlotte

BEST CHORE CHART EVER!!! Young People's Job List: A New Organizer for Kids of All Ages

15 Chore Ideas for 4-Year-Olds -- Love these practical ideas for teaching your children to enjoy doing chores. Plus, some chore ideas you may not have thought of assigning to a young child. Great list!

15 Chore Ideas for 4-Year-Olds

They are called popsicle jobs because a single chore is written on one side of a popsicle stick. My four kids choose one stick each day M-F so we have 20 jobs. Love this

The popsicle sticks in the bucket are the chores that need to be done and then marked off on the above chart. Then, the paycheck sheet to the left gets marked with the allowance made each day. At the end of the week, it's added up and paid, and the child separates the money into the three pouches, "Spend it", "Save it", and "Give it". Such a great way to teach so many wonderful virtues.

Weekly Chores for Kids. We wrote age-appropriate chores on popsicle sticks. Chores that need to be done have a sticker. When the chore is completed, the stick goes back in the holder, sticker side down.

Chore sticks. Very effective, and the girls love seeing their allowances build as they do their chores. Once a chore is done the stick is flipped so the star is up, this way we can differentiate the chores that have been completed.

Children and Chores {Free Printable Age Appropriate Chores List} | A Virtuous Woman #fromchaostocalm

Children and Chores {Day 29} - A Virtuous Woman

Backpack corner. Clip for important papers; pocket for chores written on Popsicle sticks and media tokens for them to earn.

Popsicle chores

Ginger Snap Crafts: fab friday {#5 chore sticks}

Incentive to help around the house... chores listed on popsicle sticks attached using velcro...

Allowance. You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. This mom started this with her kids (6 & 9 years old), the chore list doesn't get money but the commission chart does! There are different chores on each. AND she incorporates tithing and savings! Brilliant!.

Ducks in a Row: Allowance - MacDougall Family Style

Chore of the Week-Work for Hire.doc - Google Drive

Chore of the Week-Work for Hire.doc - Google Drive

Chore of the Week-Work for Hire.doc - Google Drive

Chore of the Week-Work for Hire.doc - Google Drive