Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed! • Turn those old backyard trampolines into luxurious Hanging Garden Beds!

Great way to disguise giving money as a gift - great for any time of year.

There are some good ones on here that I have never seen before!

Diy wall art with bookshelves 12 large 12 medium and 12 small really easy just buy at ikea

Use Press 'N Seal instead of painter's tape when painting. (Plus 10 other great painting tips on this site.)

To create easy to decorate pull-apart cupcake cakes place the liners into shaped pans. Then pour the cupcake batter in and bake. The cupcakes will conform to the pan and create different shaped cupcakes that are still easy to separate.

Put grocery store bags in a empty tissue box and store on the inside of a cabinet door.

1. Google any silhouette 2. Print on colored paper 3. Cut them out 4. Place in frame 5. Voila! LOVE!

cabinet door diy projects--frame photos with cabinet door from joy is at home

Love, love this idea. Wrap a gift with a pocket for holding the card. Why didn't I think of this? Doesn't take that much extra work or paper.

GENIUS!!! an app that photographs and archives your kids' art, and then you can print a coffee table book of the collection. i'm in love!

I cannot believe how easy This is and how much I've seen these sold for at craft shows! This is my new favorite b-day gift for friends. :)

Scan your kids' art work, then print out in smaller size. Put multiples in gallery frames together.

What a livesaver!! How to Laminate With an Iron. So happy I found this, don't have to buy a laminator machine!

Just a baking pan wrapped in fabric! Such a great message board!

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